You Deserve The Best: You Deserve The Great Love

You deserve long love letters, letters that are only addressed to you … Because they describe you in every detail.

You deserve long messages, messages that no one else could send you … Because they mention all these little things that nobody notices, that even you don’t notice … But that constitutes the reasons why you love.

You deserve words that warm you up when it’s cold and heal you when you’re in pain. You deserve words that make you smile and remind you of how precious you are.

You deserve sentences that testify to the love you have, which allows you to believe in love and in yourself.

You deserve calls that last for hours. Calls that let you know that, wherever you are, someone deeply needs you and cannot live without you.

You deserve better than going to the local cafe.

You deserve long conversations about the deeper meaning of life. You deserve great discussions about anything in your head. You deserve to be able to talk about everything, without censorship.

You deserve to be taken wherever you want to go. You deserve to discover the things and places that matter to you. You deserve much better than a moment at the local cafe or hanging out in the bar next door.

You deserve someone who wants everything with you, someone who is the happiest in the world at the idea of ​​parading by your side. Someone who is ready for big gestures, but who is also ready to spend an entire evening in your arms, in your living room.

You deserve someone who takes pride in introducing you to their friends and the world. You deserve to be the most beautiful thing that has happened to him. You deserve a real relationship and a real commitment.

You deserve better than a love that is expressed only through ‘likes’ and Instagram posts.

You deserve genuine love, sincere love that goes beyond a few words on a screen and a few emojis.

You deserve a love that envelops your heart in sweetness and soothes your spirit. A love that does not give rise to doubts, questions or fears in you. You deserve someone who never pushes you to wonder how long he will be there.

You deserve to fall asleep every night knowing that there is no one other than you, that you are the one and only and can never be replaced.

You deserve a love that keeps you awake for a whole night, so lucky you feel. You deserve a love that makes you impatient to start your day, it is so magical and extraordinary.

You deserve better than one-sided love.

You deserve to be loved big. You deserve someone who is ready to fight for you. Someone who doesn’t use false pretenses and rude excuses to justify paying little attention to you. You deserve someone who always has time for you.

You deserve to be someone’s treasure, their most precious jewel, their reason for living, their reason for believing and their reason for continuing. You deserve someone who thinks of you in every decision he makes, someone who thinks of life only by your side.

You deserve someone who wants to give you the world and make it better for you. You deserve a man who is not afraid to love you and to reveal his cracks to you.

You deserve someone who thinks only of you, day after day and night after night. You deserve a shared love, a love that is based only on sharing.

You deserve better than uncertainty.

You deserve better than someone who does not know where he is with you, who does not know if the moment is right, who does not know if he is ready for a serious relationship.

You deserve someone who wants everything from you, someone who has no choice but to be ready for your love, someone who has no choice but to fall in love with you.

You deserve someone who loves you a little more each day, who cherishes you a little more with each passing second. Someone who wants to know you by heart and who even then wants to know more.

You deserve someone who is eager to get involved and get involved with you. Someone who is ready for all the sacrifices in the world if these make you feel good.

You deserve someone who lets you realize that love is not just pain, but that it can be magic.

You only deserve one thing: the great love

You deserve to tell yourself, finally, that love exists and that you have found it.

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