You deserve someone who loves you, even in your darkest days

It is easy to love someone who is good to you.<>

It is easy to love someone who loves us. It is so easy to fall for someone who gives us the best of himself and who is there when we need it. It is never complicated to love someone whose laughter is contagious and who is never whimsical or depressed. Loving someone who takes care of us is the easiest thing in the world – someone you can always count on, no matter what.<>

But no one is perfect.<>

People who have never known a dark day do not exist. The people for whom everything is always going well do not exist. There is not a single person in this world who walks without weight on the shoulders. So if someone tells you that they love you when they have never seen you on a bad day yet; it is only an illusory love.<>

You deserve someone who understands your daily life.<>

No one will ever have a hard time loving you on your happy days. Loving yourself when you smile, enjoying life and crunching it to the fullest will be the easiest thing to do. Everyone will want to be with you on these days. But not everyone will stay when things get complicated. Not everyone will be there, by your side when life puts you flat.<>

You deserve someone who understands your daily life and decides to stay.<>

What many find hard to understand is that sometimes life gets complicated. Things change and you often have to fall several times before you can shine. This is life and there is nothing you cannot do about it – except <>accept it<> and do our best.<>

You may lose your job; let depression join your luggage and creep into your mind without any intention of leaving it. You may lose someone dear to you or you may be fed up with your current life and want more.<>

In fact, anything can happen. And this can keep you from being the nicest person in the world and make you forget how happy you may have been before. Sunny days can disappear and give way to darkness. It’s normal, we’ve all been there.<>

But you must understand that only those who will be there in these dark days also deserve to live the good days with you.<>

But luckily, it’s in these darkest moments that you will know who your ‘half’ is. In these dark times, you will be able to distinguish those who love the <>idea<> of you from those who love you in general. Because those who really love you, who love you even in your dark days are the ones who will stay – and the ones who really deserve you.<>

You deserve someone who sees your dark side and decides to stay.<>

When you feel the worst of your allure, you deserve to have someone who sees you as the most beautiful person in this world.<>

You deserve someone who sees your injuries and doesn’t run away. You deserve someone who sees your cracks and does not find them ugly, but rather thinks of them as spaces in which his love can curl up.<>

You deserve someone who does not expect you to be perfect, but who accepts you entirely, with your imperfections and who loves you in spite of them.<>

You deserve someone who doesn’t believe you when you tell them you’re not good enough. You deserve someone who embraces your anxieties to keep them away from you and who makes you regret doubting yourself.<>

When your depression resurfaces, you deserve someone who doesn’t think you are crazy. You deserve someone who doesn’t let you drown, but teaches you how to swim again.<>

When you decide to give up, <>you deserve someone who pulls you up<> . And when you decide to push it back, you deserve someone who stands firm and fights to stay. You deserve someone who understands that you don’t really want him to go, but do irrational things anyway. You deserve someone who decides to wait for the storm to dissipate.<>

You deserve someone who loves you every day. Someone who understands that your day or week has been difficult. Someone who understands that you don’t want to get up. Someone who understands that you don’t want to put on your 31, do your hair and make up, but who finds you just as beautiful as if you were going to go out on a Friday night.<>

You truly deserve someone who likes your mess, as he likes your heyday. Because it is only there that you will know that his love is total.<>

And when loving you will be difficult, you deserve someone who only loves you more.<>

So <>don’t settle for less<> . Expect someone who loves you for what you are and not because of an illusion. Wait for someone who will soothe you in your dark days and with whom you will impatiently wait for the beautiful days. This man exists and one day, if you don’t settle for less, you will find him.<>

Wait for this man, because one day you will be glad you did.<>

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