You can’t force someone to love you, and you shouldn’t have to

You cannot force someone to love you. You can wait and wait, hoping that he will fall in love with you. You can spend all your time trying to impress him by sending him cute texts and flirting Snapchats. But in the end, you don’t have a say in what he answers.

You can search for clues by reconstructing all the half smiles he gives you, as well as the late evening texts he sent you, but you cannot make them meaningful as if by magic. You can romanticize the conversations you have had. You can defend the times when he put a rabbit on you.

You can argue that you should always organize things or start conversations. You can discuss everything with your best friend, focusing on and clinging to all the little clues that could, possibly, add to his love for you.

You can hope, you can pray, you can continue to wish that he falls in love with you. You can tell him that you love him. You can offer him everything you have. You can show him how you will like him.

You can love him, love him and love him, but you can’t force him to love you in return.

It’s the hardest part of love … you can choose who to love, but you can’t choose who will love you . You can choose who to dedicate your heart to, but you can’t make someone dedicate their heart to you.

And you can choose to keep waiting, and keep hoping that someday he’ll fall for you, that someday maybe he’ll be your knight in shiny armor, after all. You can cross your fingers and keep your heart on your nerves hoping that someday he may realize that he loves you, after all.

But then you will spend all your time waiting … waiting for someone who is not yet sure of you. Wait for someone who may or may not have feelings for you.

Are you sure you want to keep waiting for him to fall in love with you? Do you want to spend your time hoping that you are “kind” enough, or trying to convince him or her to love you?

You are better than that. You are too good for him. You don’t deserve half-hearted love. You don’t deserve uncertainty and you should definitely be more than just a back-up plan.

When someone loves you, the right person, they will know that they love you. It won’t be a half ass love, or an unstable love. It will not be a love that comes and goes, depending on the day. He won’t force you to prove anything to him.

It won’t keep you waiting. It will not play tricks on your mind, nor will it cause you to go on and go back. When the good someone loves you, you don’t have to change who you are. You don’t have to wait by the phone, not knowing if he’s playing with you or just not interested.

You don’t have to wonder if there is something wrong with you, or if some of your qualities make you useless or unworthy of love. You don’t have to wonder if he’s talking to someone else.

When he loves you back, you will know it . You will not have to assemble the signs like puzzle pieces. So don’t wait for someone, hoping that one day they will fall in love with you. If he is not interested in you now, he is not worth your time.

You don’t need someone who is unsure or can’t make a decision about you. Look for someone who is ready to love you. Look for someone who wants you, whole, and who is certain to love you.

You deserve someone who knows what he has when he has you. And you absolutely deserve better than someone who doesn’t know how they feel about you, or who doesn’t realize everything you have to offer.

The truth is that you will not need to convince the right person to love you. You will not need to keep trying to make him love you. The right person will love you easily. He will love you freely and without reservation.

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