Where did the alpha males go ?!

In today’s era, many women are wondering where alpha males have gone. It didn’t take long before they realized there was less and less!

And I know that by saying this, I expose myself to the wrath of the discontented and of certain men who could say: ”rather than complaining about the passivity of men, women should themselves choose to be less passive “.

But that’s exactly what we do and we’re tired of doing it all the time!   If certain things, certain character traits and certain behaviors attract us more than others, we can do nothing about it.

And I’m not the only one who has had enough of passive men! We are very much in the same case. Many to be attracted by what is called, a little vulgarly I grant you, alpha males: active men!

Women who dream of men who have confidence in themselves, taking initiative and taking the reins. We dream of men knowing what they want and doing everything they can to get it.

But unfortunately, these men seem to have – almost – disappeared from the face of the earth and we are only too sad.

Why have men become so passive? Maybe because they have too many options, too many choices and they can no longer appreciate what they have, even after winning the jackpot.

Clearly, meeting someone is much more difficult today than it could be for the generation of our parents. Smartphones and the growing rise of dating apps have simply overwhelmed people with information and possibilities … Enough is enough!

The passivity of men may be unconsciously the result of too many of these “opportunities”. 

Anyway, gentlemen, here are 5 reasons why you should try to be a little more confident and “active” on the love scene:

1. It’s never too late to go back!

Even if you have been passive in your love life so far, it is not too late. Show a little more initiative and have confidence in yourself, women will notice it very quickly and without any doubt.

They will be impressed and if you have a lover, she will be delighted. She will be thrilled to see you put projects in place and invite her out. You left it in control a little too long!

My years of experience have shown me that the more active a man, the more I like him. It’s very simple: when a woman likes a boy, she wants to spend her weekend with him, but if on Friday you haven’t decided anything yet (maybe in the hope that she will), she may be a little disappointed.

While if you plan something a little early, she will see it as a sign of your self-confidence, your determination, and your maturity … And then, she will find it incredibly sexy.

It’s as easy as spending a minute each day asking how you’re doing, planning weekends for two, or taking the initiative to go out.

In short, if you have been passive in your love affair and she has nevertheless shown patience and understanding, it is not too late to backtrack and show her – truly – your desire to be with her. Especially since you would certainly not like her to tire too quickly.

2. Make it a priority (not an option): you will be surprised at the consequences of such behavior!

And it makes so much sense… If a woman feels like one of your priorities, your relationships will improve and this in every way (sentimentally, sexually, etc.).

Your relationship will be more spontaneous and it can only do good. The well-being of a couple is born above all from the confidence and the feeling of security that each one feels. If a woman feels confident and secure with you (rather than constantly wondering if she is just an ass), she will gain more confidence.

And you know what that means? That she will be a better partner and a better lover, among others.

If you manage to show her that she is more than just one of many conquests, she will more easily manage to open up. It can reveal itself and make you discover what it is deep down.

But unfortunately, if you are passive and fail to take initiatives, it will be completely impossible for him to feel safe and confident.

3. Make more efforts and she will prefer you to all the other men in the world!

If you are just starting to date and she has other options, she will have to make a choice. Before there are romantic feelings, a woman will tend to prefer a man who makes efforts for his relationship and to allow him to progress.

While a man who is passive or lazy will certainly be the first to be sidelined.

Generally, women are attracted to men who run after them, take the reindeer and make plans. Especially at the start of a relationship, when your partner is trying to make a first impression on you.

4. In a couple, if both partners are passive, it cannot work!

Take a passive man and put him with a passive woman, it is a guaranteed disaster.

Gentlemen, if your companion is shy and reserved, it is simply because you do not take the first step and because you do not seem so eager to make efforts. If she is shy and you are passive, you will not go far.

Two minuses don’t make one more! If you take the first step and take the reindeer, I assure you that your beloved will gain confidence in her.

And then, your relationship must go forward, which is impossible to do if you both remain passive.

5. If you like a woman, make sure things get done!

Gentlemen, do you know what will happen if you decide to put two weeks between your second and your third appointment?

… Nothing good!

Likewise, if you stay three or four days without sending messages to the woman you like, nothing good will come of it.

No, it’s not “cool” to play inaccessible guys… It’s a cliché and a bad one! We are no longer in high school and no woman will be seduced by this type of behavior, quite the contrary.

And believe me, if you continue in your laziness, an alpha male will soon show himself and steal the chosen one from your heart. But remember, it’s never too late to back up – but do it while you still have a chance.


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