When you ignore her, you teach her to live without you!

From a young age, you have probably heard advice telling you that you should never reveal your feelings and your intentions towards someone you like. Advice that is as false as it is absurd. Why? You should know that everyone has their own experiences, their own personality, and do not meet the same people. Each relationship has its own keystone!

Bad advice

If you love someone and want to keep them with you, you must be willing to make an effort. Ignoring it, pretending that you don’t want it to stick with you, will not be a good idea. The famous adage “run away from me I follow you, follow me away from you” is not always good advice to follow, it can even be fatal for a relationship.
If you really care about this person, why would you ignore or respect them in the first place? There is yet another old piece of advice that advises against being too direct. However, if you think about it, why wouldn’t you be open about your true feelings and intentions? You may be too scared or too reserved, but the truth always finds its way and eventually comes out. And as the old saying goes, “the truth will set you free.”

The truth that liberates

The bottom line is that the truth is always out there, so it’s best for those involved to have all the truths revealed from the start. As time goes by and the relationship develops, you will gradually get closer to your partner, but you will also get closer to growing up together, with confidence and honesty from the start.
Constantly using your phone when you are together is not a good idea, because by doing so, you are indirectly moving your partner away. Instead of sending her messages on certain problems or discomforts, try to spend more time with him and take advantage of these moments in pairs. This will help you get rid of unwanted and negative emotions, rather than developing them.
If your partner has the impression that you are not really present, he will simply lose the interest and the need to be with you and to remain in your presence. It makes sense, because ignoring it only teaches him to live without you!
To grow together, there are several concepts to adopt in a couple in order to live a rewarding, fulfilling romantic relationship.

Tips on how to grow together

1. Evaluate your experiences

Evaluating your experiences helps you learn from your mistakes and prevents you from repeating them in the future, which is very important in a relationship. Repetitive mistakes have broken more than a couple.

2. Communicate in the language of the other

As we all grow up with different ways of communicating, communicating in each other’s language is the key to any healthy relationship. As beautiful as it is, love alone does not allow two people to stay together for long, it is the quality of exchanges, and the vitality of sharing, which keep their relationship alive.

3. Share what you learn

Share your experiences and what you learn, discuss your ideas, talk about your goals and aspirations in life. This will help you get even closer and keep your bond strong.

4. Plan adventures together

Try new things and visit new places. It doesn’t take much time or money, only a desire to get closer and the enthusiasm to discover new things.

5. Laugh together

Our lives are stressful and filled with countless trials every day. Humor and laughter are the best way to reduce stress and break this tension, and for your relationship, it is the best way to strengthen your bond.

6. See the relationship as multidimensional

All relationships are multidimensional and must be recognized as such. Adopting these dimensions will help you strengthen and improve your relationship with your partner at the same time.

7. Never take the other for granted

The seduction does not stop at the beginning of the relationship, moreover, many couples fall into this trap. Your efforts to express your feelings and your little attentions must last over time. To take the other for granted is to install monotony and boredom in the couple.

Finally, don’t forget to be yourself, to enjoy the moments together, and to love yourself like never before. Life is too short to complicate it with insane calculations that do not make you happy at all!


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