When you are happy in a romantic relationship do you gain weight, good or bad news?

Generally, we gain weight when we are depressed, however, this is not always true…

That’s it you have finally succeeded! You are happy. You have found the man of your dreams. It is perfect: beautiful, intelligent, funny, attention and we pass! You feel like you are living a fairy tale.

After many romantic failures, you finally have the feeling of being accomplished, understood, protected and above all loved. You are on a cloud and even find it difficult to understand how it is possible to be so happy.

However, there is a problem (if we can consider that like that): you have gained weight. And not just a little! This is good and bad news. would you rather be happy and a little round or unhappy and thin?

Everyone makes their choice. We opt for the first solution: it is much better to be happy with a few extra pounds than alone and perfect!

It is scientifically proven.

Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia have studied 15,000 people for a decade. People who revealed they were in a happy romantic relationship weighed 5.8 kg more than those who weren’t.

This study also showed that these same people had gained, on average, 1.8 kg per year spent together. It may sound like a lot but in reality, it is rather insignificant. After all, food can also make you happy!

That’s a little comfort! But what does that mean? Quite simply, you live with a person who makes your life beautiful. You like spending time together and enjoying the good things (wine, food, candy). If you weren’t comfortable with each other, you wouldn’t be eating freely.

You would be careful about what you eat and perhaps avoid eating in front of your partner. But, is it really necessary to deprive yourself to avoid negative opinions from others? No!

It is much better to be happy and let yourself go a little: enjoy life and all that it offers.

It’s pretty logical.

The study explained that it was quite normal since marriage, or serious relationships, is accompanied by daily obligations such as communal meals. A family that has dinner together can either gain or lose weight.

Indeed, even if as a family, we pay more attention to what we eat (for example more fruits and vegetables than fast food ), the fact of eating together pushes certain people to consume larger portions and therefore eat more calories.

Consequently, the bad eating habits of one partner can quickly become those of the other. If your partner likes burgers, after a while, you will also like them. But, is it that bad? Not really!

It is important to live a healthy lifestyle and pay attention to your diet. However, one should not deprive oneself of the little pleasures of life. When you eat alone, you try to prepare something in a hurry and you don’t bother trying new recipes.

But when you eat together, you try to be creative and cook delicious meals that you can enjoy. We are preparing more cakes to please our other half and we take real pleasure in having our meals together (even if it means consuming a little more calories).

But beware! Let’s not make a generalization!

Even if this study revealed a facet of happy romantic relationships, this does not mean that it is applicable to all couples. There are billions of people on our planet and each one with its own food and sports habits, as well as its physical characteristics.

Like everything in life, everything is individual. Some like to eat, others don’t. Some like to play sports, others prefer to watch television. everything is a matter of taste, priority, and will.

There are also couples who join the battle against the extra pounds. They think that together, it will be easier for them to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Besides, who is it interested in?

Today, society imposes rather strict rules on women (and men). You must not be too fat or too thin and you must not go beyond the norm. Yet being different is what makes us individuals!

Honestly, gaining weight shouldn’t be seen as such a terrible thing. Instead, we should be happy to have found someone we feel good with. A person who loves us as we are and who makes us happy.

When you’re lucky to be fulfilled in your love life, does it really matter if you ate a slice of pizza or the whole pizza?

Do what makes you happy and don’t listen to other people’s opinions!

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