When we love someone and if they upset us, we tell them

When you don’t love someone, you should never force yourself to hold back tears to make yourself look good. One should never avoid tackling serious matters for fear of initiating an argument. We should never restrain our feelings because telling the other person what we want, what we expect or what we need makes us nervous.

If you keep your remarks to yourself, those little things that upset you can turn into resentment. A small problem that could have been solved by two in a few minutes can become a cause of the rupture.

When you love someone, you have to be frank with them. We must not play the silence card until he guesses what is bothering us. We should not expect the other to read our thoughts.

We either sit down and talk about our feelings, express our thoughts because it is impossible to guess them! These little games are just a waste of time. It will only exacerbate your anger until it explodes.

When you love someone, hurting them is the last thing you should want. But we must confide in him our annoyances, our anger or our nervousness. You have to tell her the truth, even if it is painful – but in a way that is mature and respectful.

We must not start shouting at each other. We must not start accusing him. You shouldn’t start disrespecting him, because you wouldn’t like him or her to do the same to you.

Your desire should be to express your point of view without being violent, stubborn, or overflowing with passion because your partner certainly never intended to hurt you. He or she probably didn’t even realize it had been before you told him. Therefore, you must express yourself. You have to be frank about your emotions.

If you pretend everything is fine while in secret you are upset, your other half can never understand how he or she did wrong. He or she will keep repeating the same mistakes, without even realizing that it is one.

By ignoring the problems, you may think you are doing your couple a favor, but it is quite the opposite. You shouldn’t curb your emotions just because you’re afraid of triggering a drama or argument. On the contrary, you should release yourself from these emotions in order to improve your relationship and make it more solid.

If you are dating someone who refuses to hear your complaints, you should end it!

For a relationship to last, difficult conversations are inevitable. We must let the other glimpse our vulnerabilities. You have to communicate. Otherwise, you will end up not being on the same wavelength at all. Otherwise, you will move away from each other and will not realize it until it is too late.

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