When a man is in love he flees the woman he likes, why?

It took you a long time to find the right person. And that’s it, finally, for some time: you can say that you are in love!

You have finally met the man of your dreams. He is gentle, attentive and generous. This man is magnificent and covers you with love. You have a lot in common and for the first time in a long time, you are considering a future and a long-term relationship with someone.

You are on a small cloud and you see life in pink. You have already made plans for your next vacation, if not for the rest of your life.

For his part, he seems happy too. You have the impression that he is a man in love and that he is not afraid of commitment.

But, just when things started to take a more serious turn, he took his legs to his neck. He is no longer reachable as before, he ignores you and you haven’t seen each other for a few days. What happened ?

At that moment a wave of emotions invades you and you question everything: what did I do to scare him away? Is it my fault? Is there someone else in his life? Does he love me

Before even trying to understand why he left, we suggest that you check first if he is in love with you.

It is well known that women are more in communication, while men are in action. This stems from the fact that since they were little they are taught to hide their feelings and to be strong and virile.

So do not conclude that he does not love you because he does not tell you, change your conception of proofs of love and watch his gestures and actions! Learn to read the signs that show he has deeper feelings than he claims.

6 signs that prove he’s really in love:

When a man is in love he flees the woman he likes, why?

1. He wants to spend time with you

He doesn’t run away in the middle of the night while you sleep by his side. He sets regular meetings and always arrives on time.

He is there, physically and mentally, when you are together. He may even have a tendency to want to rush things.

It may be scary at first, but it is a very revealing sign of a man’s deep feelings.

2. He makes plans for the future

It is THE most direct sign that a man can give you when he falls in love.

He plans your next vacation and talks about moving in together or buying an apartment. He wants you to accompany him to his cousin’s wedding (which is scheduled for next summer).

All these little warning signs prove that your man is ready for a serious relationship, and that your married life has a future. At that point, you can be sure that he is crazy about you!

3. He covers you with compliments

Men sometimes have a hard time saying “I love you” but their gestures do not deceive. If he likes your dress, he will tell you!

He loves your smile and will do anything to make you laugh! His actions are more important than his words, if he covers you with compliments and makes you feel like you are the only woman on Earth in his eyes, I can reassure you right away that he has real feelings for you.

4. He shows signs of jealousy

It can start quickly if someone else approaches you: it is not a lack of self-confidence but a real fear of losing yourself.

He tries to find out more about your relationship with your best male friend and that does not leave you indifferent.

His somewhat jealous behavior is a sign that he is starting to have real feelings, hence the sudden fear of losing you.

5. He is proud to introduce you to his loved ones

When a man begins to become certain of his feelings for a woman, he wants to present her to his loved ones and to his family, or at least he will speak proudly of his romantic relationship and will share his existence with the people around him.

He will do everything to put you at ease and facilitate your first access. In addition, he will behave in a courteous manner when you decide to introduce him to your friends and relatives.

6. He is caring and likes to take care of you

He may not tell you “I love you” often, but he asks your opinion on everything that is important and he wants to know your opinion for each decision to be made.

He respects you, asks you how your day went, sends you little texts, he covers you with kisses, surprises you with little signs of attention, for example by making you coffee in the morning or by bringing croissants for breakfast…

He takes great care if you are sick and tries to cheer you up when things are not going well. He does his best to be present in every aspect of your life and to make you happy.

6. He responds immediately

Finally, to finish on the signs that show that he is in love or not, you must absolutely take into account his way of responding to your messages, to the words he will use but also to the speed of his response, especially at the beginning of relationship.

If you see that it needs time to respond, several hours, even a few days, you might as well say that this is not really a good sign. A man in love cannot help but converse with you and will not delay your discussions.

  • Did the enumeration of these signs help you to better understand your romantic relationship?
  • If you think that only two or three signs reflect your relationship, perhaps it is time to have a discussion with your loved one. Ask him frankly how he feels and what he thinks of your future.
  • If you don’t recognize any of these signs in your relationship, don’t panic! This does not mean that he does not love you! Give them time to develop and understand their feelings. He may not be aware of what’s going on yet.
  • Finally, if you are sure that he is really addicted and madly in love, but that you have the impression that he is moving away, even that he is fleeing; we will try to explain the why of how…

11 reasons why a man flees the woman he likes

When a man is in love he flees the woman he likes, why?

First of all, you have to understand that it has nothing to do with you. The problem comes from him: he may be insecure or, quite simply, he was afraid.

Do not question your qualities or the sincerity of your relationship. If he has moved away from you, he has a good reason. But, it surely has no connection with you.

Even if it doesn’t necessarily seem logical, there are real reasons that justify such behavior. In most cases, the leak should not always be seen as a feeling of failure for the other person involved.

Indeed, in some situations, it will mean, on the contrary, that this man is attracted to you. To help you understand, here are some answers that explain why a man runs away from a woman he likes.

1. Because love can be  scary

It is not uncommon that when a man realizes that he has feelings for a woman and that she really likes him, he becomes panicky.

This feeling is not always conscious and men may not notice it.

For many, it is the very concept of married life that scares them.

They are worried that the woman will become too enterprising and invasive, to the point of making the relationship something very serious when it is still in its infancy.

2. For fear of suffering

Some men may have experienced painful emotional disappointments. which could explain the blockage following new feelings towards a woman.

So, for fear of suffering, he again fled. He wants to push you to show him that he can believe in you and your feelings.

He wants to make sure that you are falling in love with him and that he is not just a passing man in your life. Because of his previous relationships, he lost confidence in the love and doubts of all women.

3. Out of pride

A proud and proud man is afraid to take the first step. Not wanting to show his interest for fear of revealing weaknesses, because for him, feelings are a sign of weakness, he prefers, then, to step back and let you do all the work.

He wants to be the one who makes the final decision, not the one who plays with all his cards on the table.

4. You got too attached

Men need challenges. If you show him that you need his presence, be it emotionally, financially or otherwise, and that you cannot live without him, he quickly loses interest.

If he feels emotional dependence, and you show yourself vulnerable by giving him everything, too quickly, it will push him to leave.

5. He didn’t want a long term relationship

At first, you were just a flirt, for him. But, little by little, feelings have evolved and your relationship has become more serious.

It was then that he started to panic. He is not ready for anything long term and does not see himself in a monogamous relationship, yet. He is afraid of the idea of ​​commitment.

He does not wish to marry, have children or share his future with someone. in reality, he is simply afraid of losing his freedom. He does not want to depend on anyone.

6. He is not emotionally free

He still has feelings for an ex or someone else. He has trouble distinguishing between these feelings and what he feels for you.

He loves you but does not feel like he is being completely honest with you. He doesn’t know how to tell you the truth, so he runs away.

7. He is afraid of disappointing you

After a while with you, he realized that he could not meet all of your needs; in terms of finances, ambition and future prospects.

Instead of disappointing you, lying to you or pretending to be a loser, he chooses to leave with his head high. He does not want to slow you down in your development and does not want to be ridiculed, either.

8. You served him to boost his ego

For him, you were a challenge: beautiful, strong, independent and intelligent. To prove to himself that he was worth it and that he is the alpha male among the other men, he decided to do everything to conquer you.

Once he managed to get you, the excitement went away and the real feelings started to set in. But, this is not what he wanted, so he chose to flee.

9. He doesn’t want to be the one who says it’s over

By fleeing, he tries to frustrate you and push you to break up with him. He doesn’t have the guts to do it himself so he shows the coward that he is, pushing you to be the one to break up.

In this case, he will do everything you don’t like and behave like the last of the idiots in order to make you realize that he’s not the right person for you.

10. You don’t have the same goals or beliefs

He agrees to compromise on small things but, for him, certain differences are insurmountable: having children or not? To be a believer or not? Where live ?

Despite many things in common, it turns out that you have too big differences in his eyes, and he’s not going to upset all of his education and certainties for you or anyone else, so he takes the escape.

11. He is going through a difficult time

Whether it is family problems, tensions at work, or a worrying state of health or an unstable financial situation: he is not happy.

Because he is not feeling well, he cannot fully enjoy a romantic relationship. He finds it difficult to commit since his head is constantly absent. For him, this is really not the ideal time to engage in a life of couple, so he steps back and flees.

Have these reasons helped you better understand why your man is running away from your relationship?

Maybe it’s a temporary situation: he may need to find himself, to understand who he is without you so that he can better get involved.

Now, one may wonder what to do? How to react when your man walks away? Instinctively, you want to do something, you don’t know what but you feel the need to act to bring it back…

What to do when a man is in love but flees?

When a man is in love he flees the woman he likes, why?

You want to do something before it gets too distant. But what ? How to act without scaring him even more?

The point is, you can’t force him to love you. You also cannot force her to enter into a romantic relationship with you. So the answer is simple: let it breathe!

Maybe he just needs time to think about what he wants and space to breathe a bit.

He needs to focus on himself, analyze your romantic relationship, with a restful head, and answer a few questions: am I in love? Where do I see myself in five years? Is she the right person for me?

If you chase it, it will leak more. You must let him go before you can get him back. It will be frustrating, perhaps even depressing, but it is necessary.

It will also give you time to think about your relationship, your expectations and the sincerity of your true feelings.

Each of you must resolve your personal problems and clarify the situation in which you find yourself.

Many men (not all, of course) react like this. Even unconsciously, the configuration of the official couple scares them.

They then tend to fade when the woman is too enterprising or quickly lets believe that the relationship is going towards something more serious.

Reassure him by not giving everything, right away and do not harass him with text messages or calls. Apply the principle of “Follow me, I flee from you.” Escape me and I will follow you ” .

A man needs to seduce and conquer. If he feels that the woman is acquired, his interest can greatly reduce or even disappear, hence his flight.

So the ball is in your court and you have several solutions:

  • Live your life fully so as not to devote yourself body and soul to the relationship. This will keep you busy and you will be less on his back. He will therefore come back unconsciously to win you back.
  • Get away from him a little, but don’t play a role. If he sends you a little text, it’s not worth snubbing him for example. Respond to him, but in a detached manner. So avoid asking for accounts of his removal, for example.
  • Go softly with direct seduction because it goes against what we said above: “Follow me, I run from you.” Escape me and I will follow you “.

Follow me I flee from you, flee from me I follow you: a magic technique?

When a man is in love he flees the woman he likes, why?

Everyone talks about it in seduction and advises it as a method of seduction or to recover an ex.

Some women have experienced it more or less well, others have paid the price in their romantic relationships.

I will try to tell you more about this method of attraction, especially its advantages and disadvantages.

The “follow me I flee from you, flee from me I follow you” is the game of the cat and the mouse in love!

We’re with someone and we’re looking for each other. We take a step towards the other, he steps back. We step back, he takes a step towards us.

In short, we are looking for ourselves and we find it hard to find ourselves (and sometimes we never find each other!).

The premise of this concept is that when we are shown interest, we would tend to flee. And that when we flee, we would be attracted to the man or woman who flees us.

Most men and women consciously use it as a method of seduction, that is, they move away from each other to attract it even better.

And others are behaving unconsciously, which would show that we are sensitive to it.

It is a game that can occur at any time in the relationship but we will find it particularly at the beginning of the relationship.

In the beginning of a relationship, the two partners of the couple know little and only for some time which means that they do not know the intentions and desires of the other.

We would like to tell a man or a woman that we like it, give him our feelings, attract him to us but we are also afraid of spoiling everything.

Then comes a little game of couple control for some and behavior related to indecision for others.

It is at this fragile moment in the relationship where I am I flee from you, flee me I am from you, comes into play.

It is a matter of hiding one’s feelings, and not showing interest in the other in order to better attract them.

Is it working ?

Generally speaking, yes! You have probably already experienced a situation where you followed someone who was running away from you or ran away from someone who followed you.

An example: you have just started a relationship with someone and they seem interested. So you are happy and you often call him or tell him very quickly that you love him.

Oddly, it does not respond to your advances as you expected. Or even worse, after a few weeks you see that he calls you less often.

He then tells you that he prefers to stop because:

  • he is not sure what he wants
  • he doesn’t have enough feelings for you
  • He doesn’t feel worthy of your feelings or your trust
  • He feels pressured because of your feelings
  • He doesn’t feel what you feel and it makes him uncomfortable

Among these reasons, you will find one that you have already experienced before through your relationships.

In summary, he was interested in you and when you told him about your feelings, he started to run away. It is for this reason that some coaches generally advise to use “follow me, I flee from you, flee from me, I follow you” as an approved method of seduction!

Women are advised to behave like a trophy, a reward, a challenge!

Of course, some women manage to practice it and others are uncomfortable and cannot play a game at the start of a relationship and hide their true feelings.

Where the “run away from me, I follow you” works well, it is faced with an undecided man or an undecided woman.

And this is where it becomes very useful because:

  • at a minimum, you respect yourself by avoiding chasing someone who doesn’t know what they want
  • to the maximum you attract the person you want towards you.

So you have nothing to lose!

There are several reasons which would encourage us to unconsciously practice “follow me I flee from you”.

The first reason comes from the fact that if we get something too easily, we would tend to perceive it with less value.

Whereas if we have to fight to get something or someone, it would have more value in our eyes.

Too easy to get = less value. Difficult to obtain = more value.

The second reason is related to the fear of feeling too much love too quickly coming from a person whom we know relatively little in the end, especially at the beginning of the relationship.

This can frighten people who are used to being independent because they do not understand how you can tell someone that you love them when you have been with them for a short time and that you do not know them well enough.

The third reason comes from the fear of losing something or someone you have.

If we covet or go out with someone and we have the feeling that this person begins to move away from us, for fear of losing them, we will tend to try to get as close as possible from her.

Many of us practice or undergo the “follow me I flee you, flee me I follow you” in an unconscious or conscious manner for the reasons explained above.

But after explaining the reasons that show that it can work, we come to wonder if it is a good idea to use it as a method of seduction if we want an undecided man or an undecided woman engage in the relationship.

Well it all depends on the situation.

If your goal is only to seduce and you are not looking for a long-term relationship, you lose nothing by trying.

But if you are looking for a serious relationship, you should of course be careful as there are drawbacks to this technique.

First of all, using this technique will not work if the person you are dating does not care about you.

If he only wants to have fun and has absolutely no desire to engage with someone, that will not make him change his mind and you will have a beautiful: “Flee me I don’t care! “.

Then, if you are with a man or a woman, whom you have known for some time, and consciously practice the “follow me, I am you”, what will happen in your opinion?

You are going to enter a game where nobody will understand anything:

  • How can we get to know each other better?
  • How to succeed in understanding each other?
  • How to succeed in a love story if everyone plays a game?

All communication problems in the couple arise from this kind of behavior which blurs communication in the life of the couple and which makes it difficult to understand each other.

Communication is already very complex between men and women, why add complexity to this communication?

In addition, if you are constantly doing this, you will be destabilized because you will be doing calculations constantly for each of your gestures, your calls, your messages.

It is of course not natural and the man you covet could also feel it negatively.

So, over a long term, it is not a good idea. Seduction can be a game, but love is not one. You cannot base couple success on a method like this.

If the man you have in front of you likes simple and sincere intercourse and you play cat and mouse, it could cool him down.

But then should we apply this concept and how?

Yes, you can apply it but in a reasoned and balanced way. Between showing nothing and showing a little interest, there is a difference.

I think everything is in the measure. If someone shows interest, show interest in the same proportions. Don’t pretend to be indifferent. He might get discouraged.

On the other hand, if he shows you too many feelings in a very short time, show him interest but do not go up at full speed.

If a man starts talking to you about marriage or baby after a few weeks or months, you will want to project yourself into a bright future very quickly. But what happens too quickly can start just as quickly.

So yes, at this precise moment, you must temper your enthusiasm and explain to your partner that it is a little early to speak about marriage and baby and that it is necessary to know a little more before talking about this.

The most dangerous thing at the start of a relationship is the difference in feelings. You should therefore avoid showing too many feelings or more feelings than the person in front of you. This can be scary at the start of a relationship.

Whereas if you manage to maintain a relationship with interest without overdoing it, you will avoid chasing the person in front of you, while keeping them in the relationship.

How does this translate into your daily life?

Be measured!

  • No “I love you my love” at the start of the relationship.
  • Avoid sending 50 texts a day.
  • If your companion is surprised that you do not immediately respond to his messages or calls, you simply tell him that you are happy to be with him but that you are afraid that it will advance too quickly and that it will stop quickly.

In short, it is a question of tempering your ardors and those of your man.

Now, if it’s too difficult for you, stay natural but don’t show too much difference in feelings towards your spouse, it could serve you in the long run.

If your goal is a long-term relationship, you need to consider the context and the man you are interested in.

That said, do not start like a racing car in declarations of love when you have known each other for 2 days.

Never do too much at the risk of scaring him!

Measure, balance, interest, this is what will allow you to adapt to all your relationships without spoiling them.

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