When I typed “succeed in life” on Google, I came across a bunch of articles or sites that gave rules, tips, or lessons from famous people that were considered to be successful in life. But what is it for you to make a success of your life? Is success defined by money, love or glory?

to succeed in life: subjective definition

Succeeding in life, in my opinion, has a different definition for each of us. It is even impossible to give a precise definition for everyone because we do not all have the same criteria for judgments. We all wish to succeed in our life or wish our children,  our parents to succeed theirs. But what are the criteria for judging it?

And why compare yourself especially? If the definition of success depends on everyone, there is not a single model, not a single path like that. So why does this idea of ​​success weigh so much?

ego, pride, and happiness

I think we all heard one day our parents or a relative wish us success in life. We are talking about the notion of happiness, of a love of everything that will make us happy. But with all that, there are also projections or ambitions of our loved ones for us.

Maybe at work, in starting a family or in a particular project, you can feel the weight of success you expect from us. As an elder, I have to say that I was often taken as a model ”  Look how she did it”. Except that for me, it’s totally wrong.

I do not succeed more than another, I do what I want for me. I do not do it for anyone else.

This pride, this glory through the other that we live certainly brings some comfort. But I do not think it’s good for you or your loved one. There is no greater value than someone who gets a CDI in a big box compared to someone who is a shop assistant.

Earn a lot of money, have a family, children, a house, property: it may be the model of success of a person, but it does not have to become yours.

listen to you (really)

I often talk about listening to myself and I think that, as for you and me, it’s the way of a lifetime. We change so much that your definition of success, of happiness, of being happy, can change 36 times in a year. It’s normal, we evolve. But above all, we grow up.

We know what we want and what we do not want, we refine everything to find his way. And above all, we finally understand that comparing does not help anything. Seeing someone else’s success should motivate you to take action, to do something to reach your goal, not to make you feel worse, less worthy, less good.


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