what is missing from the intimate life of each zodiac sign

Coitus is a moment of intimacy and shared pleasure between two individuals. Moments of complicity and emotional fusion. The intimate life of a person tends to impact the rest of the constituents of his life in general ie his mood, general well-being and even his health.

The main things that are missing from a person’s se x life are often the fulfillment of his fantasies and the sharing of common expectations with his partner. This list describes what is missing for optimal s exual satisfaction of each sign of the zodiac, it could put you on a good path for a better blossoming on this level there.


You do not want this moment of exchange to be a couple’s routine, you must feel that your partner wants you and that his body vibrates with enthusiasm for you.


You do not need your partner to accurately reproduce all the figures of the Kama Sutra to show you his ability to satisfy you, you are looking for a person who can enjoy the moment by being herself, a moment under the sign of spontaneity.


The duality of your personality makes you more difficult to satisfy on a se xual level. Boredom will be very detrimental to you, which is why s ex must be an adventure playground that exalts your senses.


A partner who is there only to satisfy your fantasies, thus thinking to accomplish his conjugal duty without wanting you does not interest you, you need someone who exorcises his passions in you.


Nothing covers you with bitterness that a s ex life at unsupported rhythm. You hate off-peak times and look for a partner who can follow you in establishing a certain frequency of your antics.


Nothing displeases you more than a s exual routine where you can even predict the moment of enjoyment of your partner, but elements of surprise that will not fail to intensify your ardent pleasure.


Sometimes it is hard for you to strike a balance between the different events that make up your everyday life and this strongly impacts your se x life. You need a patient partner who can take charge until you resume your rhythm.


If there is indeed a sign governed by the divinities of s ex, it is you. You need burning moments, passion and a torrid exchange synonymous with shared desire. You need a considerable dose of chili and exoticism to fill your se xual side so developed.


You are thirsty for adventure and fresh air, and this also affects the variety of fantasies you can experience. You need a partner who can leave his comfort zone to venture into the moat of pleasure with an open mind that you master perfectly the reins.


For you, your se x life with your spouse must enjoy a sacred intimacy and that your exchanges remain a secret testimony of the happiness that hugs your body. A world sheltering your two fiery bodies and of which you are the only ones to hold the access.


There is no better way to ruin a love story than a partner with narcissistic and egocentric se xual practices. You need to communicate, to exchange with your partner around your expectations, your little secret pleasures but also what could scold orgasm above the sky protecting your privacy.


You need a person who accompanies you and who is on your side to discover the distant lands of human pleasure. A person who would not be a bit selfish but would ensure that you can enjoy the same privileges as it during your s ex exchanges, and that each of your erogenous zones is filled.


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