what do you expect from a romantic relationship?

Each astrological sign has its own characteristics and its own relational needs.<>

Each of us knows what we expect from a romantic relationship, at least in its entirety. However, the astrological sign can also reveal more specific details, such as which exact character trait is imperative for you to maintain a healthy and stable relationship. Of course, when choosing a partner, there are many things to consider.<>

Each zodiac sign has its way of thinking and its way of functioning. So each of us is looking for something different. <>Some people need a partner who loves adventure because they are afraid of boredom. Others prefer to find someone who favors their career because for them it is a priority.<>

Your month of birth can reveal a lot about your personality and can help you find your ideal mate or partner. The different characteristics of the astrological signs can be interpreted in order to better understand what each one hopes to obtain in a couple.<>

We have prepared for you a precise list of what each zodiac sign needs to live happily as a couple.<>

Aries – Excitement<>

If one thing is certain, it is the fact that Aries needs to be enthusiastic and excited when he thinks of his couple. Mars directs this sign and pushes it, therefore, has always sought something new. He needs to be with a partner who has as much energy and passion for life as he does, someone who can be as intense as he is. And, if the two partners work together to keep the relationship interesting, their couple can last a long time.<>

Taurus – Security<>

Venus directs Taurus and is, therefore, the sign most connected to his body and his senses. For this reason, the natives of this sign like to build a comfortable home where they are surrounded by their favorite objects. Even if they want to discover all that life has to offer, they still need to be in a relationship where they feel safe. The Taurus is therefore always looking for someone who is ready to invest himself completely and to maintain a serious relationship.<>

Gemini – Mental stimulation<>

Gemini always has a lot of stories to tell. The influence of Mercury pushes the natives of this sign to change things, as often as possible, in order to maintain a fresh and interesting romantic relationship. Gemini is loyal but they are constantly looking to renew their relationship. They enjoy fun conversations, learn new things and discover different interests.<>

Cancer – Emotional sensitivity<>

The natives of this sign have a complex personality because they are influenced by the Moon, which means that they need a partner capable of really engaging to fully grasp their character. They are aware of their emotions and those of others. On the other hand, if they are in a relationship that is not open and that makes them uncomfortable (i.e. if the two partners cannot freely express their thoughts), the couple cannot be happy.<>

Lion – Appreciation<>

The sun is represented in the personality of the natives of this sign: they need to be adored by someone as passionate as they are to be able to shine. <>They are therefore looking for a partner capable of showing their appreciation. This can be in the form of compliments or recognition. The partner must also be able to step back to let the Lion shine.<>

Virgo – Discipline<>

Even if it may not seem romantic, the natives of this sign need order in their romantic relationship. Since they are very intelligent, this kind of environment keeps their minds occupied and their thoughts organized. The problem is that this character trait can very easily lead to frustration on the part of the partner. If the Virgin feels irritated, she must absolutely share her feelings, otherwise she cannot really be happy.<>

Libra – Harmony<>

The natives of the sign of Libra are professionals of compromise and diplomacy. They like to be surrounded by art, harmony and beauty in general. The good thing is that these people tend to attract people who appreciate these same things.<>

Scorpio – Interesting Conversations<>

The Scorpion needs a partner capable of immersing themselves in their emotions without fear. This means that speaking on the difficult side of life and having deep conversations are essential to maintain a healthy relationship with the natives of this sign. Without this, the Scorpion will always have the impression of not completely knowing his or her partner, which leads me to lack of confidence.<>

Sagittarius – Adventure<>

Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, influences this sign and it shows. The natives of Sagittarius have an insatiable thirst for adventure. They need to have new experiences and they feel like they are imprisoned if this does not happen often enough in their romantic relationship. Open and optimistic by nature, they seek someone capable of bringing them back to earth from time to time. Their partner must also enjoy the adventure or, at least, agree to let Sagittarius do these experiences alone.<>

Capricorn – Commitment<>

The natives of this sign need a partner as strong as they are because they are looking for someone who can accompany them on their way to success and success. Saturn, the strict planet, influences Capricorn in its heightened sense of commitment. He must have a person who appreciates him, who is ready to fight for their relationship and who is also aware that all couples are going through difficult times.<>

Aquarius – Liberty<>

Whether as a couple or not, freedom is essential for Aquarius. He is happy if he can go on an unorganized weekend at the last minute or if he can buy something that really pleases him without having to ask someone’s advice or authorization. He likes intellectual stimulation and particularly appreciates openness. For the Aquarian couple to function, the latter must have the impression that they have the space necessary to grow, evolve and breathe.<>

Pisces – Empathy<>

Neptune pushes the natives of this sign to want to become a single entity with his or her partner. Pisces are therefore happy if they understand their partner perfectly and if this one (this one) also understands them. Empathy is therefore an essential quality for them.<>

It would be a lie to say that these character traits are the only requirements of each astrological sign. There are of course many other factors that come into play when people choose their partner. However, each quality listed above for each of the astrological signs is the most important, which is essential for the couple formed by these natives with their partner to be a success.<>

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