What a woman wants is not your money but your love, your time and your attention

A woman only wants one thing: that you give her a shoulder to cry on when life seems insurmountable. 

Of course, you are free to offer her all the expensive gifts and luxurious jewelry she wants. You are free to offer him a beautiful house, at the cutting edge of technology or a sublime Haussmannian apartment.

You are free to offer him the most powerful car in the world and the most extravagant gadgets that exist. You are free to offer him a bank card whose limit would be unlimited.

You are free to do all of these things to prove what it means to you. But to all these gifts, she will always prefer that you give her your time.

All these things are wonderful, of course, but good women don’t really care about these material goods. Besides, they would gladly get rid of all these things, just for more time by your side.

They would refuse the sports car you give him if that meant you had to work 40 more hours a week.

Money is good. But it goes and it comes. Time cannot be bought, exchanged or made up for. Time is a gift from the universe and we must do everything to make the most of the one given to us.

Time is not for sale.

Time is precious and well women know perfectly well that it is the greatest gift that one can give to a being. And if he had to choose between time and money, it would of course inevitably be towards the time that his choice would be made.

Money does not make you happy. Money does not bind hearts. No, it is the time that we choose to invest in our relationships that allows us to create links and strengthen them.

You are free to offer him this material security that many others take a lifetime to ensure. You are free to promise her that she will never have to go hungry or miss a roof. You are free to promise her the brightest future for her potential children.

You are free to tell him that these imaginary children can attend the best schools there is and will never want for anything. You are free to promise him the best future we could dream of.

But in the end, none of this will ever be as precious and important as the attention you devote to it.

She needs a man who is attentive and considerate, just enough to make her happy. She needs a caring man who knows how to take care of herself in her moments of vulnerability or weakness.

A woman only wants one thing: that you give her a shoulder to cry on when life seems insurmountable.

Yes, money can greatly contribute to happiness, but it can never replace the sweetness of a caress. Neither money nor anything else can replace words full of affection and encouragement.

The idea of ​​a wealthy life will never be as comforting as the idea of ​​a life spent alongside a man capable of devoting his indivisible attention to a woman.

She would gladly give up all the riches in the world if that guaranteed her an attentive ear whenever she needed to speak. If all this money meant your ignorance, she would gladly throw it in the trash.

Good women know perfectly well that listening and paying attention are much more precious things in a couple than money can ever be.

That you can buy anything from him in any store is one thing. It is one thing that you can offer him the most exotic trips to the most luxurious hotels. It is one thing that you can organize the most decadent evenings there are, with some of the most important personalities in Europe.

But never will any of this be more important than your love.

In the end, only love counts. Whether you can give him a castle and acres of land or a simple dilapidated little apartment doesn’t count. All that matters is your love.

It is the one thing she will unconditionally expect from you. The only thing that can never be negotiable. Although having money is a dream, she can live without it. But never could she live a life without your love.

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