We all end up meeting our soul mate

I can not promise you. I can not tell you when and how. But I can assure you that you too will end up meeting your soul mate.

You will end up meeting someone for whom you will be the most precious being on earth. You will become his reason to hope and believe. You will become the reason that motivates him to find faith. You will be, also, its source of inspiration. A muse. The most beautiful he has ever had.

You will end up meeting your soul mate. Someone for whom your qualities, flaws, strengths and weaknesses will be unique.

But what is love really?

Love is not a feeling? Well, presumably, not everyone agrees on this point. Far from it! Debates are raging among psychologists and psychiatrists as to the true nature of love. A feeling? A feeling? A state? Philosophers, too, do not agree on the subject!

But what is certain is that love is born of a union . A union that would allow everyone to pass the interests of the other (and interests of the couple) before his own.

I will tell you what I think about it. Love is not born in the heart (well not that …). It is born at the same moment in every little part of our heart, our body, our soul and our spirit to consume us instantly.

Love is acting. It is to compromise and know how to show tolerance. Love is giving oneself while accepting others.

The big love: the dream in reality

What is great love? This is perhaps one of the most asked questions in the world … And if I can not really answer that big question, I can still quote some of the elements that I think are the signs of a true love …

The other is allowed and allows him to believe (again or not) in love and in life. One fills each other with positivity and altruism. We come to see only the good in each and to relativize the defects of others and the small misfortunes of the daily.

To love is to illuminate the life of the other with our light. It’s turning darkness into paradise. It is guiding each other to overcome our fears and fears. It’s finding the courage to overcome one’s weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

To love and to be loved is to be offered a thousand possibilities, a thousand opportunities, and many other things. It’s finding in us a million responses that we thought were lost forever.

Love, a bandage for the heart

You will know that he is your soul mate and that you are his when you become the one who can repair his broken heart. The one who can heal his wounds and help with their healing. Because love is a dressing for the heart and it is also the most wonderful bandage that exists to heal a soul.

You will give him a smile. You will learn to laugh again. You will bring him happiness, joy and fulfillment. Thanks to you, he will feel important, unique and special. He will feel pampered and appreciated at its true value, finally …

You will learn to love him again. You will tell him what love is all about. You will remind him, especially what he is worth and what he deserves. You will remind him that everything that happened to him, he did not deserve it. You will remind him that he is wonderful and you will make him understand that he has finally found the one who sees it and thanks the sky every day for his presence.

He will know that you are his soul mate because one morning he will wake up and realize that he is no longer afraid to love. He no longer fears falling in love, quite the contrary. He will break down all his barriers to let you through and he will open the door of his life.

By your side, he will learn to express his feelings and not to deny or conceal them. With you, he will learn that love is neither painful nor complicated. Love is as fluid as the blood flowing in our veins.

To love is to become the most precious being in the eyes of others

To love is to teach others that love is not a fable. No, it does exist. This is to allow the other to discover that fairy tales have a true background.

To love is easy. When you meet your soul mate, all your doubts will dissipate and you will finally be able to teach someone what true love is: a sincere and unconditional gift of self. A pure and innocent passion. Something that one identifies at the very moment one begins to experience it.

And I assure you it’s a feeling you’ll know. “The state of love” will soon be yours and you will become what he has always dreamed of. Someone is waiting for you, somewhere. Someone who, when he thinks of love, imagines it under your features.

You will be the one he thought he would never meet. The one he could never have dreamed of. A best friend. A mistress. A support. A guardian angel. A guide. A hope.

You will be the woman of his life. He will love each of your imperfections as if they were perfect. You will become his universe.

To love is to look at the world with a new eye

To love is to feel alive. Inhabited with a new and powerful energy. To love is to fly while never leaving the earth. To love is to open up as we have never been and to accept ourselves as we are.

To love is to learn more about oneself. It is to consider the world and the beings who inhabit it with more clairvoyance. It is also gaining tolerance and understanding. Above all, it is to understand why all our previous relationships have failed.

This is to understand why his ex was not good. It is to understand that destiny exists and that even if it has hurt you very much, it has also made you wonderful gifts.

Love is the feeling of a moment but it is also a daily

We talked about soul mate, great love or true love. And we sincerely believe that this type of love is identified and felt the moment it reveals itself. That said, it also needs to be maintained.

To love is to be able to be open-minded on a daily basis. It is to succeed in dealing with the other. It’s getting to compromise and being patient with each other. It is fitting to accommodate a person in its entirety and nothing less. But, it’s only happiness.

Do not forget that the closeness that unites two beings is something that works and maintains itself. We will never repeat it enough. A love at first sight, it’s wonderful but over time, it’s not enough. Efforts and understanding are required, always and whatever the situation or the life of each one.

So, I still can not promise you. But I can tell you that one day you will end up meeting someone who loves you as written above. Someone who will suit you perfectly. Someone who will finally allow you to say “we are made for each other”.

You will meet someone who will accept you as you are, in the morning and in the evening, inside and out, in your good days as well as in the bad ones. Someone who will accept your qualities and also your faults. Someone who will see in your smile one more reason to exist. Someone who will pull you up and accompany you through your failures and successes too.


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