Two birds with one stone: my boyfriend is also my best friend

High school, college, roommate, colleague … The list of possibilities in terms of friendship is long, but what happens when your boyfriend is also your best friend?<>

The importance of friendship in a couple<>

All couples are going through storms but only the most hardened manage to go the distance. Love and communication play a considerable role but friendship is not to be outdone!<>

The feelings of love are obviously the basis of the couple but we must not forget to pay attention to the feeling of friendship towards his companion. It is this feeling that will keep the conjugal flame alive when everything goes wrong.<>
A best friend has and will always have a very important place in the life of a person and it is doubly winning when this best friend happens to be the person with whom we have plans of common life.<>

These bonds of friendship will come to strengthen intimately and with force the love story because we all know, <>love is a feeling which can be capricious, difficult to understand<> . By building this friendship around the couple, it will act as a protective cocoon, you will build a solid bond that will have a better chance of lasting over time.<>

In addition, it has been scientifically proven by researchers at the University of Texas that the more you know someone, the more you will find them attractive …<>

What are the benefits of such a relationship?<>

Less hassle and more understanding<>

Knowing your partner is essential because it allows you to anticipate and avoid possible disputes, very often started following a misunderstanding. This friendly approach better preserves your relationship from quarrels by leaving no room for these areas of turbulence: it is this friendship that allows you to know each other on all facets and avoid misunderstandings.<>

Couples argue, that’s for sure, but best friends who argue never take it personally. Best friends are able to see beyond disagreement because they know how important each one is to the other.<>

They don’t get angry for little things because they know how hard it is to find someone they care about so much. <>Many relationships fail<> because they are unable to set priorities properly.<>

The pleasure of having more complicity<>

A couple’s life in which the loving and friendly complicity reigns has a better effect than an anti-wrinkle because it keeps us away from worries! Living with a person with whom you do not feel comfortable sharing everything will in the long run generate gaps that even the carnal and fusional side will not be able to resolve on their own. Friendship also allows for deeper and compassionate communication.<>

You talk about everything: current affairs, termite life, the price of cheese, extraterrestrial life and above all about you. From your childhood, your dreams and your hopes. Nothing excites you more than spending time together debating what is important to you.<>

Because of this complicity, people sometimes find it difficult to have conversations with you two because you do not stop laughing at things that are a priori not funny. It’s just that they don’t know that behind the word “duck” there is a whole story for you.<>

Crazy nights!<>

When you’re in a relationship and you can have intimate discussions without having any apprehension, it’s just extraordinary. Sharing your stories about your previous sexual adventures does not bother you and also gives you the opportunity to better understand your desires, to be more attentive to your partner.<>

Still not convinced? Read on.<>


I never thought that I would find someone who would understand me and even less believe in me to this extent. And then I met you. You taught me that everything I believed in – that love was deceptive, fickle and a waste of time, that it was all a biased vision. All these years during which I convinced myself of this were a mess according to you and you wanted to make me understand it.<>

If someone had told me earlier that I was going to be one of these lucky young women, who was going to have the same person’s best friend and companion, I would have rolled my eyes and sighed annoyingly: <>that exists only in fairy tales<> , you shouldn’t take me for a naive fool.<>

But now, I met him and it changed my life<>

For me true love came in the form of a man who was also my best friend. He was my biggest fan, my therapist, my drug, my cure!<>

He knew everything about me, including certain secrets and fears that I kept preciously hidden inside but which escaped during an overly alcoholic evening. And the next morning, when regrets should have appeared, nothing happened. I knew my secrets were in good hands. Sharing them for me and learning them for him only strengthened our mutual trust.<>

We saw each other’s best and worst days and we lived it together<>

We helped each other during our darkest times. Ah, too, we laugh at the same silly stuff: we both have a sense of humor and believe that laughter brings a much needed lightness to our lives.<>

Of course that does not prevent us from arguing sometimes, because we are both passionate but we never stay angry for very long. We avoid resentment towards each other: when we argue, we are careful not to become cruel or unjust because we know that there are things that we cannot take away afterwards.<>

In fact, we are a pretty incredible team. He knows when I need him to be close or when I need a little solitude. We always support each other. No matter the situation.<>
He is the person who knows when I need to be reassured when anxiety takes over when we are in the crowd, the person who knows how to relax when I am stressed by work. He is also the person with whom I confide in my parents and who I complain to when a TV show gets on my nerves.<>

After all these years, we still enjoy each other’s company<>

We like to talk to each other, listen to each other and learn from each other. We are also careful not to neglect physical contact, taking the time to reconnect physically, <>even if it is only kisses<> , hugs or a gentle gesture.<>

But above all, what makes me say that he is my best friend is that as such, he loves me for who I am, encourages me to do what is important to me and supports my decisions even he does not necessarily agree with them. And I try to do the same for him.<>

We show mutual kindness and we love each other unconditionally. And at the end of the day, that’s what it means to me to have a lover who is also a best friend.<>
And even if I have other people whom I consider to be my friends, my companion remains the best of them.<>

He is the person with whom I laugh, cry, suffer and love, the person with whom I am, quite simply.<>

That my boyfriend is also my best friend is certainly the best thing that has ever happened to me and I wish all women to experience this happiness that is mine now.<>

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