To the man whose wife is anxious: she is not broken

You may have heard that she was worried. You may have seen him get angry and explode because she was submerged. You wonder where all this rage comes from. You saw her sitting, looking away, panic in her eyes. You may have guessed or she may have told you, but in any case, you must know how to react to anxiety.

Anxiety is not a single solution, it is not uniform and it is not always easy to identify. You may think that she just took your head, but it’s not your wife, it’s anxiety that makes her act. You may think she is angry, but it is anxiety that acts as strangulation. You may think she’s not having fun when you go out together and it’s your fault, but it’s not. It’s anxiety.

Signs of anxiety

His thoughts pass like a train in his head. It’s exhausting for her. That’s why she is tired. There is not a day that passes without her thinking. She always imagines the worst scenario for each situation. She is always afraid that things will go wrong. Even when she leaves home to go on vacation, she imagines, fire, theft, … Even if you try to make her listen to reason, she will not be able to ignore and go on vacation. She worries when you are not with her and sends you text messages several times a day to find out what you are doing. She knows that you can not do anything about it and that you feel helpless, but she too. That’s why she has to share it with you, otherwise, her head would panic.

Sometimes she wonders why you are still with her.

Accept your helplessness and act

Know how to accept that it is difficult for you. Difficult to see your loved one hurt, difficult to bear the pressure so much it is immense. But do not think for a second that she does not see you. Do not think for a second that she does not care for you either. She knows it’s not your fault, and she knows you want to help her. But you can not fix it. She is not broken. However, you can help it, you can loosen the screw. You can relieve it of certain things or certain situations (the crowd, the choice of the dinner, …). Hold your hand and tell him you are with her. Take control, tell him to sit down for a moment and breathe. If you see her struggling with her appointments, take them for her, encourage her to take it slowly. Take the children to a play when you see her submerged and encourage her to take time for herself. If the children wake up in the night, get up too to take over. Tell him to go back to bed.

Every day will not be so bad. Celebrate these days of tranquility. Do not be worried by his days of doubt, make them more alive.

Do not be a new source of stress

Too much, it’s overwhelming for her. Even if she has good intentions. Do not make him feel bad for missing an appointment, a party, whatever. She wanted to go, but she could not. She feels bad enough. Do not tell him it’s okay.

If you are frustrated, she will not benefit, the situation will only get worse and make you both unhappy. She does not want her anxiety to define your relationship and being patient, tell her that you are ready to do the same. The anxiety is heartbreaking for her. She needs to feel free and carefree. She must not be trapped in this inner disease. Free to talk to you about all his insecurities.

Sometimes the answer will not be so obvious. Sometimes she will not even know that the answer is what she needs, but as long as your patient follows her, she will feel your love.

You are its source of stability

She loves You. She remains vulnerable and frightened. But she chose you to share her biggest scar. She resides in the depths of her heart. She knew it the day she met you. She knew you were worthy to see her in all her imperfections. She loves you with all her heart and you will know it because she has already listed all the advantages and disadvantages! By being at her side, she will be fiercely faithful to you. Forever and forever, you just have to take her hand and say, “I’m with you.”


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