Tips for beautiful long lashes

The eyelashes are very feminine and make your eyes even more beautiful and expressive. With these care and makeup tips, you will get beautiful long lashes.

Tips for beautiful long lashes

As the picture shows, long, full eyelashes make your eyes very attractive. If you do not have long eyelashes, there are fortunately many things you can do.

1. Oils for your eyelashes

With a little almond oil, a clean mascara brush (on sale at the pharmacy) you can take care of your eyelashes. Apply an almond oil, olive oil or a little petroleum jelly on your lashes at night. Start as close as possible to the appearance of your eyelashes.

2. Mascara

There are several types of mascara. Their choice depends on the type of look you want.


If you want to color your eyelashes alone, a good waterproof mascara is enough.


A volume of mascara contains more waxes and silicones and therefore puts an extra layer for more volume for the eyelashes.


A “long lash” mascara that lengthens your lashes contains synthetic fibers. These stick to your own lashes, making them look longer and generally fuller.


A curling mascara ensures that your eyelashes can be easily shaped. It usually has a special brush shape and contains a gel-like substance that strengthens the shape.

There are also mascaras that contain additional properties in one.

3. Use the right tools

To make sure your eyelashes do not stick together and that no lumps are visible through the mascara, you need a good eyelash comb. You can comb your lashes if the mascara is not completely dry.

If your lashes do not bend naturally, you can also use an eyelash curler. Warm it with your hairdryer and apply your lashes after the application of mascara. The eyelash curler is specially designed to give more volume to your eyelashes.

4. Paint your eyelashes

Just like your hair and eyebrows, you can also dye your lashes. The eyelashes lasts about six weeks. Especially in people who are naturally blond and often have fewer black eyelashes, this can have a pleasant effect. The eyelash paint is available in different shades. From black to light brown.

Whatever you do with your eyelashes, never forget to remove everything at night with a good makeup remover. If you are using a waterproof mascara, choose a suitable solvent.


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