Tips before traveling

Take only the necessary travel accessories

Before traveling, it is advisable to take only what is necessary for the flight, and not to take too many luggage, as this will make it difficult for the passenger to move, and passengers are not allowed to pass to the aircraft when the individual load exceeds the space and weight allocated during the security check at airports .

Place personal documents in a safe place

The traveler should pay attention to his personal documents and documents such as passport and visa, and keep them in a safe place, which enables him to visit the tourist places he wants, and it is worth mentioning that the traveler must keep other copies of these documents to resort to in case of loss Original copies, or in the event of accidents.

Keep your money in a safe place

Passengers must carry as little money as possible and exchange it with checks and credit cards if possible, because any lost or stolen check can be easily exchanged, because customer service is available 24 hours at banks, as well as for credit cards that can be stopped in the event of a loss .

Knowledge of the language of the population of the state

The new tourist or visitor should have little knowledge of the language of the local population, which makes it easier to communicate with them, [4] preferably smiling in their faces, as this helps to meet new friends, makes talking to the local population nicer, and increases the confidence of the traveler himself. And make him a beloved character. [2]

Travel Tips

Be careful

Travel is a great way to relax, unwind, or explore new places, a different lifestyle represented by new foods, unfamiliar habits, and no matter where the traveler chooses. He should be careful because he is very excited to visit new places, and not knowing these places can expose him At risk.

Do not draw attention

The tourist in his beautiful clothes and with a camera in his neck, and a map in his hand is different and distinctive in the eyes of the local people and some may see a rich tourist, so it is preferable to reduce the attention of others to him, and avoid walking alone as much as possible to avoid cases of theft that may occur sometimes .


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