This man who makes me dream

I’m approaching my thirties. So I’m still very young, but I’m no longer a teenager. Let’s say that I came back to earth and that life took care of teaching me some of the things you need to know …

Yet, I still dream. I love my celibacy, I accept it and I bloom individually. But that does not stop me from dreaming about the perfect man or rather the one that would be perfect for me.

A man who takes my breath away

I dream of a man who has gasped at each of our meetings. A man who smiles the moment he sees me.

I would like someone who looks at me as if I am the eighth wonder of the world. The most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

A man who savor all the moments we spend together as if it were the last. Who thanks the sky for putting me on his way. Let him see me, just like a dream come true. Paradise on Earth.

I am a real romantic. Like what, age does not cure everything! Above all, my many disappointments did not kill my dreams or my hopes. So, I dream of a man who could not stand being away from me. A man who aspires to spend every day of his life with me, while maintaining (obviously) our respective independence.

A man who takes care of me

I dream of a man who cherishes me, in thought as in reality. A man who holds me in high esteem. Because I want to be with someone who does not take me for granted and who remembers that love, it is maintained.

I would like my lover to be well aware of the realities of this world. I wish he knew that I might not always be here, that I would not stay, and that I could very well leave him. In short, I would like him to take care of me and do everything necessary to keep me.

Because that’s what I have to offer to the person who will share my life. And I simply dream of a relationship that is alive in reciprocity and sharing.

I would like someone who does not put a whole day to answer my messages. A man who can call me back when I ask him. A man who puts a point of honor to share a conversation, even a few moments with me. Every day. Because chatting is a pleasure.

A love where everyone is everything for the other

I do not think I ask too much. I am an educated and intelligent woman. However, that does not prevent me from believing in great love, on the contrary. I am convinced that it exists. I am sure there is someone for me, someone who would love me more than anything in the world.

I want to live with a man who is interested in me. Who asks me every night how my day went.

I want big love. Someone who is unhappy when he spends a week without me. From someone who does not plan to go on vacation without me or make an important decision without my approval.

I would like someone who is unable to fall asleep before hearing my voice. Before I’m sure I’m fine and that I feel good. I would like someone who wants to remind me that he thinks of me all the time, and especially before giving in to his sweet dreams.

Someone who leads me to surpass myself

Love is not a weakness: it is a real strength. For this reason, I dream of a man who leads me to surpass myself and reveal myself. Someone who helps me to shine and to be only light.

I would like to have butterflies in my stomach before each of our meetings. A feeling mixed with excitement and nervousness. A saving and healthy fear.

I want a man who gives me the impression of being special. A man who allows me to finally feel unique.

I want a love so big that words will not be enough to explain it and to say it. Someone who gives me more than a night of pleasure or a week of madness. Someone whose only look is the promise of an eternity of joy.

A man who teaches me what love really is

We must not hurry. We must not rush. As they say: “everything comes to those who wait.” And the same goes for love. You have to be patient and that’s what maturity has taught me. I know that my moment will come. I just have to wait.

I do not want to be content with a mediocre story or a one-way relationship. And you should not either! True love is too precious to miss.

Do not put yourself in a relationship with the first person for fear of loneliness. I know it’s easier said than done and I will not blame anyone because I also made that mistake. But what a pity … Better to focus on yourself than to give yourself to someone who is not worth it.

Similarly, we must not give in to social pressure. Are you the only one of your group of friends to be single? It does not matter ! Go beyond. You are free and no one has the right to tell you what to do, especially not about love.

You have to be aware of your own value

Whatever time it takes to find love, you have to take advantage of it to take care of yourself. You have not found the man of your life yet? Once again, it does not matter!

Take your time.

Enjoy life. Work on you. Take care of your friends and family. Spend time on your hobbies and hobbies. Take confidence in yourself and discover yourself above all. A whole life would not even be enough to know oneself! So, again, enjoy it.

Above all, keep hope. Do not ever confess defeated. Wait for this man, one of your dreams. He who will finally teach you what love really is. Wait for someone who is ready to make a place in your life.

Someone who looks to a future with you and does everything possible to get you into a single perspective. Wait for someone who is ready to give himself completely to you. Someone who loves you, supports you and accompanies you along the way.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes. But do not rush. Once again, in love, patience is the key. Do not abandon. Believe in your dreams. There is none more beautiful and more real than that of great love.

Perfection does not exist. But the person who will be perfect for you does exist. Know how to keep the door open. Be ready to welcome him. Life is full of surprises. Go find out what she has in store for us!

Do not give in to fear. That of deceiving you. That of going too fast. That of finishing alone. No, be positive and things will come naturally. Someone somewhere is waiting for you … Just as you expect it. Life and destiny will take care of meeting you.


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