This is how an anxious person falls in love

An anxious person falls in love like you – instinctively, quickly, often easily. The only difference is that when she falls in love, her brain also finds a million different reasons why it is so terrifying, dangerous and so easily destroyed.<>

An anxious person slowly falls in love<> . And with a strange feeling of guilt, because of the thoughts that are not silent. Thoughts like <>“it can’t last”, “it can’t be real”, and “it’s too good to be true”, or “something will ruin everything at some point”.<>

An anxious person falls in love while feeling a strange mixture of hope and anxiety. <>Hope – that she has finally found someone to talk to, someone she can count on, someone she can trust, someone who may accompany her when she feels trapped and oppressed in his own brain. And the fear – that it is not good enough, that it does not deserve it, that her heart now rests in someone else’s hands, but that it can be broken at any time.<>

But an anxious person also falls in love with all their heart.<>

She falls in love with ferocity and intensity and by committing to something that is finally light, exciting and real. She is frightened but certain, out of control but also playful, with the immediate instinct to protect her person by all possible means and knowing that she now cares for someone else’s life more than hers. .<>

Someone who is anxious enjoys big things, but falls in love during the little moments – quiet car rides, deep sleep, telepathic looks in the middle of a boring party.<>

She falls in love during reassuring conversations. She falls in love when you hold her hand to reassure him during a turbulent flight. She falls in love during a Saturday nap and a breakfast that is just a bagel on a bench and a weekend spent with family that begins to resemble hers.<>

She falls in love with little things because little things make her normal. <>Little things with someone special remind them that it doesn’t take much to get them out of a dark night or a panic attack or burnout.<>

An anxious person falls in love the same way you do – they fall in love intensely, vulnerable and completely. The only difference for her is to make her understand that she really deserves it.<>

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