These new tampons with extract cannabis make you get rid of menstrual pain

The menstrual period is among those things that are or have been part of every woman’s everyday life, yet it is not the same in everyone. Some may see the rules as a real ordeal that they face every month so the pain can be lively or even unbearable.

Why can some rules be particularly painful?

Painful menstruation or “dysmenorrhea” affects 50% to 80% of all women still in a state of fertility. Knowing that some of them (5% to 15%) show acute pain during this period can easily alter the course of their student activities, professional or social.

Most of the time, the rules that are accompanied by pain making impossible a certain number of activities occur when the period of adolescence comes to an end but also shortly before the menopause, and this, because it is the question of stages of life where major hormonal upheavals take place. It is also important to keep in mind that there is no question of abnormalities or symptoms related to any underlying pathology or dysfunction. As a result, these pains usually disappear gradually, especially after a first pregnancy. However, persistent and intense menstrual pain after bleeding may be a sign of a condition called “endometriosis”. This disorder is manifested by endometrial tissue which develops out of the uterus thus causing lesions or ovarian cysts.

Problems to report to the doctor

It is essential for a woman to keep an eye on the progress of each menstrual cycle to identify any anomalies related to this period. Therefore, if you ever notice any of these points, do not hesitate to contact your gynecologist:

  • When the pain is of such intensity that any normal social/professional life becomes particularly complicated or impossible.
  • When menstrual pain is getting worse or bleeding is abnormally high despite the fact that the person has had it for many years.
  • Professional advice is also needed if unusual bleeding occurs between each menstrual period and the next.

Tampons against menstrual cramps?

This is probably good news for all women who see this period as a nightmare! But the creation of tampons making these pain disappear is now a fact! And guess what? They are made from cannabis extracts as specified by our colleagues from Independent.

It’s a company called Fiora that came up with the idea of ​​producing what could be described as “cannabis-based vaginal suppositories” with the aim of enabling women to get rid of the suffering they are experiencing. usually the rules.

The effectiveness of such a product would come from the two main substances that compose it, namely THC and CBD, two cannabinoid elements used in the chemical composition of cannabis. They have the effect of removing the pain and allowing chemicals to reach the brain to relax the nerves and different muscles of the body. It has even been reported that women who have used these tampons have clearly seen how much their menstrual period has become much more peaceful than before. However, this product does not block menstruation, so use extra protection.

But you must doubt it, these stamps are unfortunately not within the reach of all, since any woman wanting to enjoy it will have to join the collective “Fiora” and according to the laws in force in your country, you will probably have to apply. in addition to a letter of recommendation written by the physician. And as our colleagues at Independent say, this product is only available in  California and Colorado.


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