These astrological compatibilities which give birth to the most beautiful couples

Each astrological sign is linked to an element: fire, earth, air or water. And it is these elements which play a large part in defining the love compatibilities within the zodiac. But beware, other factors must be taken into account.

For example, it may happen that for any reason, two signs belonging to the same element are not compatible.

Thus, we invite you to discover the most beautiful love compatibilities within the zodiac. These signs which, once together, form the most solid and loving couples.

Aries and Libra

Aries are leaders, even dominants, whether in their professional life or in their personal life. Thus, Aries will find it very difficult to get along with the signs showing the same qualities of leadership as them (with Taurus for example).

At the same time, if Aries seek a particular quality in their partner, it is honesty. They are also passionate and insatiable lovers.

For these reasons, a Leo or Scorpio partner could do the trick perfectly, but it is with the Libra that they will get along best.

If the Aries are particularly seduced by the Libra, it is thanks to the frankness and the open-mindedness of the latter. These two are complementary: the emotional needs of a Libra counterbalance the dominating tendency of Aries. Together, they form a passionate and solid loving couple.

Taurus and Virgo

Taurus is very attached to family values. Attaching particular importance to traditions, they prefer the act of conquest to the sexual act itself.

Very romantic, the Bulls are therefore the ideal partners of Virgo who, like them, are extremely family-oriented. Both are sensual beings which, once united form a solid couple.

Beware this said to Sagittarius. If they can be very attractive in the eyes of Taurus, they would do better to stay away. The adventurous Sagittarius will in most cases be unable to make a Taurus happy.

Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini is so happy and fun that they make great friends. But when it comes to love, it’s not that simple! Gemini becomes complex and difficult to satisfy.

Already, Gemini is often allergic to engagement (which scares them). What is more, they are looking for a partner who is cerebral and intellectual: someone who has a spirit. Thus, the Sagittarius franc is the ideal partner for Gemini.

Indeed, Sagittarius is also often struggling with this fear of engaging and having to give up his freedom. In short, here are two souls who always understand each other!

The humor of Sagittarius always hits the bull’s eye with Gemini and when they get along, they often form a solid and deeply linked couple.

Note that if there is one sign that Gemini should avoid at all costs, it is Capricorn.

Cancer and Taurus

Cancer is empathetic beings and deeply turned towards the others. In love, they are usually looking for a serious and lasting relationship. They are looking for a partner to build something with.

Thus, the emotional but serious Taurus can be the ideal partner for a sensitive Cancer who knows how to keep his feet on the ground.

Signs of fire, such as Leo, will have great difficulty in making Cancer happy. Their arrogance and frankness would only hurt them.

Lion and Aries

Proud and confident, the Lion never runs out of suitors. If they know how to seduce, it is over time that they have trouble keeping someone! Indeed, their difficulty in recognizing their wrongs and their dimensioned ego make them difficult to live with on a daily basis and few are those capable of living a lasting relationship by their side.

But Aries, passionate and full of fire, often make the perfect partners for Leo. Once reunited, their love ignites and their passion becomes such that it is difficult to surpass them in terms of intensity!

But if their love ignites, it is also the case of their disputes! Disputes that they will always manage to overcome because they understand each other perfectly.

For a Lion, the Scorpion would be the worst partner he could have. Their ways of life are often opposite to each other and they are not animated by the same intensity.

Virgo and Scorpio

Virgo belongs to the most methodical sign of the zodiac! They are perfectionists and reserved, but very attentive when they are in a relationship.

This is why the Scorpios (as passionate as they are) often get along wonderfully with Virgos. Their relationships are often intense, like the fire that burns in them!

They are in fact two complementary personalities. The Virgins, tidy and wise bring a form of balance to the Scorpions, fiery and full of life. While the Scorpions, well in their skin and open to their sexuality allow the Virgo to open and come out of their shell.

If there is one sign from which Virgo should stay away, it is Sagittarius. The adventurous nature of the latter would quickly have scalded the quiet force of Virgo!

Libra and Gemini

Libra has diplomacy in their skin. They know how to resolve a conflict like no one else. They flee loneliness like the plague, but still prefer it to someone stupid and who would be interested in nothing!

Real curious, Libra likes to meet new people and discover new places.

They just as much like to discover themselves over the course of life. Gemini is, therefore, the perfect partner for them.

Both express themselves perfectly and if they are attracted to each other, it is mainly because of their communication skills and their intellect.

The Libra, relatively pragmatic allows Gemini to keep in touch with reality and not to be too scattered! Virgos and their total lack of imagination are, on the contrary, a traveling love-killer for Libra!

Scorpio and Libra

Among the faults that are frequently found in Scorpions: insensitivity, bitterness, and harshness … Yet, basically, they are very sensitive beings!

But whatever they do, they do it with passion. In love, they can become aggressive and domineering.

But nothing could please a Scorpion more than a Pisces! When they manage to bond, they are indestructible. It is one of the compatibilities closest to the perfection recorded by the zodiac…

The Scorpios perfectly understand the emotional Pisces, while the “submissive” nature of Pisces offers the Scorpions the possibility of fully expressing their passion… Together, they form a united and wonderful couple.

Note that if Aries would be terrible partners for Scorpio, they would also be for Libra!

Sagittarius and Aquarius

Sagittarians are on the move: they have a lot of trouble staying in place! Sagittarians, true embodiments of freedom, were born to travel and explore the world. Their freedom is as necessary to them as their lungs are!

Whether in love or more generally, they need something new every day. Their lives must be filled with surprises. And if anyone tried to chain them, they would quickly run away.

Who else but an Aquarius could understand them better?

Aspiring to the same freedom as Sagittarius, Aquarians will, however, bring some form of stability in the life of these first. Open-minded and adventurous, they are the perfect partners for our fiery Sagittarius.

Their relationship will never get boring … On the other hand, Sagittarians would hate being in a couple with a home-made and family-oriented sign, such as Taurus.

Capricorn and Virgo

Capricorns are ambitious and generous people. They know what they want from life and don’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to get it. They are focused on their goals.

In their love stories, the Capricorns give themselves entirely, they surrender to each other. But this is the reason for explaining that they also know how to keep away from love, for fear of giving too much and end up suffering.

But it is something that Virgo understands perfectly and that is why they are excellent partners for Capricorn.

Both are motivated people who know how to carry out all their projects. Together, they form a methodical and well-disciplined couple!

For a Capricorn, Gemini would be the worst partner! Careless and carefree, he would scare away a Capricorn in less than two minutes.

Aquarius and Libra

You know, when a demonstration ends badly and everyone gets picked up by the police? Well, Aquarius would probably be the last person standing, standard in hand!

If he feels any injustice, Aquarius will be the first to rebel since it is something that horrifies him. Likewise, the inequalities are unbearable to them and they do everything in their power to correct them.

Thus, they are fair and respectful even in their relationship. This is why, they will be very attracted by the Libra, great lovers of justice too. They will understand their respective aspirations and will thus be able to achieve an ideal balance. They will know how to help and accompany each other during their battles.

On the other hand, for an Aquarius, Cancer will be the impossible partner!

Pisces and Capricorn

Pisces and Capricorn, it’s a bit of opposite that attract each other like two magnets! Pisces are dreamy and creative, while Capricorns are rather down to earth and ambitious. But the beliefs of Pisces will be able to reach Capricorn and influence its way of representing the world.

Together, they will achieve an almost perfect balance … While Pisces will ensure that his companion Capricorn cultivates his creative sphere, the Capricorn will ensure that he keeps his feet on the ground!

On the other hand, Pisces always stay away from Virgo, unable to understand their dreamy nature.

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