These 6 compliments that men would like to hear more often

Without saying that there are good and bad compliments, not all are received in the same way. Especially by men … But the 6 types of compliments that follow should do the trick and delight more than one.

We have written many articles explaining to men that women need to be heard, listened to and loved more. But it is the same for men and today we have decided to put them in the spotlight!

It is a subject that is not so much discussed and it is a shame. Men love praise just as much as we do. Compliments do them good and also contribute to their well-being in a romantic relationship.

However, in most couples, women are the ones who most often receive compliments regarding their dress, their appearance or their personality.

And besides, if we turn to the middle of the song, I am able to quote you at least 10 titles whose text is a praise to the woman. On the other hand, I would be hard-pressed to find more than 5 of them that talk about the generous shapes of a man or his seductiveness!

Some of the compliments cited here have been mentioned to me by men asking me to write an article on the subject, others by men I have met in the course of my work and others still come directly from my personal life experience.

Discover these 6 categories of compliments that men would really like to hear more often.

1. Compliments that tell him that you believe in him

To melt a man, no need to seek noon to two p.m.: support him and believe in him. But above all, do not forget to let him know, through a few complimentary words.

Know that these compliments are the ones most frequently mentioned by the men who asked me to write this article. Telling the man you love that you believe in him will make him feel like you can get the moon!

Here’s how to tell it:

  • I believe in you.
  • I love the fire that burns in you.
  • Whatever you decide to do, I know you can do it.
  • Of course, people are eager to partner or work with you. People trust you and they are right. Your work is extraordinary.
  • I already knew that you would get this new job (or this increase). You are talented, you work hard and your colleagues are well aware of this.
  • I am proud of you.
  • You already have so many successes to your credit. And I know it’s far from over!

2. Compliments relating to his appearance/body

Even if men are perhaps less subject to social pressures about their appearance, some are none the less complex. After all, doubting your seductive power is natural and human.

What’s more, anyone (whether male or female) likes to know that their partner likes them. Praise her arms, eyes, hands, thighs, etc. Regardless, the men will certainly not play the difficult ones!

Here are some of the compliments that many men would most like to hear:

  • You are so Handsome.
  • I see that you were not kidding when you told me that you had returned to sport! You are sublime.
  • You are attractive and manly today. I really like it…
  • This costume/outfit puts you in a particular value.
  • You look beautiful when you laugh.
  • Even when you cry, you are beautiful.
  • You are always perfect … Even when you wake up with your hair messy.

3. Compliments that let him know that his efforts are recognized

Each of us likes to know that the efforts invested in the couple are recognized.

Show him that you appreciate what he does for you. Even the most trivial things. Pay attention to it and know how to be grateful. And when you verbalize your satisfaction, chances are that it will only increase over time.

What is more, it is a way to let him know that you love him and therefore, a way for him to feel secure and loved in turn.

Whether it takes out the trash, replaces a light bulb or does the cleaning does not matter … What matters is that you recognize his actions, on a regular basis.

Tell him for example:

  • You are adorable.
  • Thank you for preparing me for dinner, my love. It makes me happy and it’s delicious!
  • Nothing can resist you, right?
  • I like your kindness and thoughtfulness.
  • Thank you for listening to me. It feels good to be able to confide in you.
  • I noticed that you had done x thing. Thank you. It is a pleasure.
  • I loved watching the kids play there. You were sexy. I like to see you release the pressure and have fun.

4. Compliments that show your respect for him

Several recent studies have shown that men closely associate love and respect. Besides, the feeling of being respected would be even more essential than that of being loved for their psychological well-being.

Of course, we are all different and these studies should not be taken too seriously. We all need to be loved (too). But it is clear that men (like women for that matter) need to feel respected by their partner to maintain a healthy relationship with it.

A few words to tell him:

  • You are a good person.
  • I have a lot of respect for you.
  • I am proud of you.
  • You are so caring with my loved ones. You are kind to others and I find it extremely respectable.
  • You have to be brave to approach this type of discussion or admit your mistakes. But you did it and for that, I admire you. I am more and more seduced!
  • The more time passes, the better you get.
  • You can forgive. It is a fine quality that requires a lot of strength and that is what makes a man truly qualified as such.

5. Compliments that show that you trust him and his ability to make decisions

Whether it is due to social conditioning, genetics or anything else, there are many men who need to have a feeling of “control” (over their lives and their human relationships) to be good about themselves.

Let him know that you admire him and trust his outlook on life, telling him things like:

  • I believe in you.
  • I will follow you to the end of the world.
  • I’m on your side.
  • You are always very good advice.
  • You are brilliant.
  • You are rarely wrong.

    6. Compliments that make him understand what effect he has on you

    Overall, all men like to feel attractive and see a woman swoon before them. The attraction is a powerful feeling that does everyone good, men and women alike.

    Tell him that is how you feel when he is in your company:

    • When you’re there, I can’t help but blush.
    • You are the funniest man I know.
    • I could drown in your mysterious look.
    • You always know how to make me smile.
    • I never felt as safe as you did. I like that you are there.
    • You make me a little something in the hollow of the belly.
    • You give me wings. By your side, I feel capable of anything.
    • I feel supported and it means a lot to me.
    • I have never wanted a person so much. I could almost pass out from envy…

    Remember, there are men who will be more sensitive to certain types of compliments than others. If in doubt, try them all … In any case, it will never be unpleasant!


What is certain is that sincere compliments are happiness for the heart, whether one is born a man or a woman!

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