There is nothing sexier than a man who makes an effort

It is not alluring to pretend that you don’t care about your partner. Not calling me for days is not attractive. Writing to me only when you have been drinking and you are alone does not make me want you anymore.

Blowing hot and cold, not finding time for me, coming and going in my life (as if waiting for you was the only thing I have to do) is not at all attractive. So please stop.

If you really want to seduce me, make an effort. Make every effort. Show me that you care about me. That’s what being sexy is.

Be honest about how you feel about me. Don’t hide your feelings from me and don’t pretend they don’t exist.

Come knock on my door in the middle of the day, telling me that you couldn’t last another minute without seeing me. Bring a box of my favorite chocolates with you.

Send me a nice message for a long day, just to tell me that you think of me. Call me during your lunch breaks, just to hear my voice for a second.

Do what you want – but show me that you care about me.

I am tired of men who believe that to make their way to my heart or to my bed, they must send me contradictory signals.

I don’t want any more lame excuses, lack of investment, nights spent crying and telling myself that someone must have cast a bad spell on me, I have so little luck in love.

I am tired of all those who act as if they were the only ones to count and the only ones to have a story worthy of being heard. Those who believe that they can disappear from my life without warning and whenever they want.

I need someone who will be there for me, anytime. In boredom, as in joy. In the worst as in the best, in good weather, like during thunderstorms. Someone who accepts me, as I accept him – with his faults and qualities.

I need someone who does projects for two. Whoever they are – going to the movies, going on weekends, enjoying a concert, lazing in front of Netflix, cooking a homemade meal or anything else. The important thing is that he makes an effort.

I need someone who is sincere and has a good heart. Someone who worries about me if I have the flu. Someone who loves nothing more than making me laugh until I have a stomach ache.

I need someone who forgets that he has a cell phone because he is too busy looking me in the eye and chatting with me.

I need someone who moves heaven and earth to be forgiven for a mistake. Someone who is genuinely sorry to have hurt me. Someone who cares about me as much as I care about him.

I need someone to share my happiness with right now. I don’t want someone who keeps me waiting and nourishes me with empty promises about our future together.

I need someone who is not afraid to be in a relationship. Someone who is sure of his feelings. Someone whose heart beats faster when he is by my side. Someone who knows that I am not perfect and who, for this reason, thinks me even more special.

I need more than empty words. I need deeds. I need a man who does things. Someone I can trust and feel safe with.

This is the kind of man I want to be with. This is the kind of man who will conquer my heart forever because there is nothing sexier than a man who makes an effort.

And for this man, I’m ready to do whatever it takes. I will appreciate his efforts and make them in return. I will not hold back. Whatever he gives me will be returned to him. I will only think of him. He will become the one and only.

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