The twin flame relationship: all you need to know!

Signs that prove that you are in a relationship with your twin flame!

What is a twin flame? How to recognize it? And, what does a relationship with his twin soul look like? Here are the questions we will answer in this article.

<>The purpose of a twin flame relationship is to help each other grow spiritually and achieve mystical enlightenment. We can then say that this allows two people to shed the burden of ego and the wounds of the heart and soul to form a unique, spiritually intelligent being.

Twin flames are the divine expression of balance, harmony and unconditional love. Each pair of twin flames will set an important goal to achieve; it can be raising children aware of their spirituality, creating an ecological business or becoming mentors.

Contrary to what many people think, twin flames do not complement each other because the soul, as such, is already a whole. The relationship of twin souls is a catalyst, together they form Yin and Yang: their goal is to unite in order to help Men develop their feelings of compassion, tranquility, and love.

In other words, the relationship of two twin flames serves to awaken the consciousness of others: the Whole is part of each of us, we just have to be able to find our half. The Whole is the soul, the true nature of Man.

What is a twin flame?

Sometimes called the “mirror soul” or the “soul connection”, a twin flame is the second half of your soul. The theory is that once the soul has reached a high level and frequency, it splits in two and ends up in two different bodies.

If you have a twin flame, then you are destined to meet it during your stay on this earth. The two parts of you will be attracted to each other like magnets! When you meet her, you will immediately be able to recognize your twin soul because you will have an intense feeling of identification (hence the feeling, of certain couples, of knowing each other forever).

Meeting the person who carries the second part of your energy with you can create a deep sense of uniqueness. It can be an experience that will change your life forever.

Your relationship will then be very intense since the twin flames are the mirror of each other. This person is not just going to give you a sense of completeness, but it will help you identify and work on your faults. It will also allow you to develop your knowledge and your spiritual state.

This kind of relationship can, therefore, be a double-edged sword: it can bring you happiness without measure but it can also create many conflicts. Twin flames can have a happy and healthy union as long as each one is able to love itself. This love must be sincere and unconditional, otherwise, she will always be tempted to reject her twin soul.

Your twin flame can be a friend, a lover, or a teacher. She is the sun to your moon and the light to your darkness.

Twin souls are also mirrored in the sense that it projects the image of your fears and dark ideas, but also of your inner beauty and strength.

What is the difference between a twin flame and a soul mate?

Many people confuse twin flames and soul mates. You should know that these two terms have nothing in common.  <>

Twin flames are one and the same soul split in two; your twin flame is, therefore, the other part of yourself.<>

Soul mates come from the same family of souls but are not a whole. They are formed from two different sparks. <>

Soul mates have traveled from life to life. It is, therefore, possible to have encountered it in a previous life. But, unlike twin flames, these are not attracted to each other; there is no polarization. The love of soul mates is deep and passionate, but not unique. You can have multiple soul mates, but you only have a twin flame.<>

A twin flame is like a reflection in a mirror. You are instantly drawn to it because it projects the same energy as you. <>

When you meet your soul mate, you can start building your life together. But, when you find your twin flame, you will not necessarily be able to be together immediately. Only, once you both finish your spiritual missions, you can merge. <>

The love of twin flames is divine and unconditional love. Together, they create a relationship that aims to elevate others, and themselves, on spiritual, emotional and metaphysical levels.  <>

The 7 stages that lead to the reunion of twin flames

Meeting his twin flame is a special moment! But, this is only the beginning of an adventure for two.

Step 1: Research

The search for the twin soul requires great self-awareness: you must be able to admit that you are missing something. Even if you have never thought much about twin flames or soul mates, you gradually realize that there is someone perfectly suited for you.

At first, you may doubt your feelings, but whatever you do, you cannot forget this conviction: you will meet the good or the good!

During this stage, you will prepare, surely unconsciously, for the arrival of the second part of your energy. For example, you may start writing a journal, consult a therapist, or seek to end your past romantic relationships. Without knowing it, you are making room in your life for the arrival of your flame.

Step 2: Awakening

You will recognize it immediately! The stage of awakening is the one where you physically meet this person and where your compatibility jumps out at you, from the first contact. Most of the time, this meeting is the result of chance, a succession of coincidences and small signs that will prove to you that you were destined to find yourself.

Sometimes you won’t stay together long, but even brief contact will awaken your awareness: something special is happening. It is important to note that enlightenment can happen in dreams: you then dream of your twin flame, even before you have encountered it.

Whichever way you find yourself, you will be shaken by the intensity of the bond that unites you. You may even get the feeling of being drugged: you will have the impression of spending all your days thinking about this person.

Step 3: The test

Like every relationship, that of the twin flames arrives, sooner or later, at the stage of understanding: you will establish boundaries, test your limits and learn to live in pairs, after the stage of love at first sight.

The test occurs after the honeymoon phase. And, if you want to have a meaningful long-term relationship, this period is inevitable. For example, it is at this stage that you will create plans for your future and identify the obstacles to achieving it.

Even if you are meant to meet and love, you will not be able to avoid conflict. How you resolve them will determine your future and the likelihood of a healthy and successful relationship.

Step 4: The crisis

Even if the love of twin souls is euphoric, it cannot escape the period of crisis. Despite the fact that this is an unpleasant step, it can lead to the development of a more stable and deep bond.

During this phase, you will feel many worries and anxiety about this mystical bond you have. This crisis can be brought on by anything: grief, betrayal, ego problems, lack of self-confidence or any other feeling that puts your relationship at risk.

Despite supernatural compatibility, separation of twin flames often occurs during this stage. This rupture is all the more difficult because it involves giving up part of yourself. However, if you manage to pass all the stages, your union will be stronger and more intense than ever.

Step 5: The race or the chase

Whatever the outcome of the stage of the crisis, it is always followed by a period of racing or pursuit. You can take on any role: the one who runs away or the one who tries to catch up. During this fifth phase, the roles can be reversed several times.

This stage marks the will of one of the twin flames to separate from the other, surely for fear of the control of intimacy which the two people can demonstrate. One of the twins will feel hurt and become defensive and resistant. While the other will start chasing him, firmly believing that the bond that unites them is worth saving.

This stage ends only when the one who wants to flee stops running, and the other stops chasing him. Often, the two twin flames realize that their relationship is exceptional and that they are made for each other.

Step 6: The capitulation

In this phase, you will both give up your will to control. In this context, capitulating is not a sign of abandonment but of the realization that neither of you can escape fate. This can be a very positive experience that allows you to relieve yourself of all your anxieties and live in the present moment. You agree to have faith in the universe: it will lead you where you need to go.

You can only get to this stage if you both agree to work on the issues that led to the crisis and the pursuit. For many, the difficulty is that the twin flames are mirrors: the things you need to work on are often the negative feelings you have about yourself that are reflected in your twin’s eyes.

Step 7: The meeting

When these two people finally meet again, a feeling of relief will settle: they will have the impression that the balance has been restored. Going through the first six stages, twin souls learned a lot about themselves and became aware of the originality of the bond that unites them.

For some, it will be a physical meeting: you may finally decide to live together or consume your love. Whatever the particularity of the junction, it will be done in an atmosphere of peace and will give rise to feelings of acceptance and mutual understanding.

After this step, the hard work is finished. All you have to do is to live and enjoy this sense of completeness that you can only find with each other.

How to recognize your twin flame?

You know that this person is the one you were looking for even if you don’t know where this feeling of certainty comes from. You will experience intense and inexplicable magnetism. You have met enough people in your life to know that this feeling is unique. Let this feeling overwhelm you: you are right, this person is your twin soul.

Sometimes things are as simple as that! Often people doubt the existence and the connection of the twin flames but it is not because you did not recognize it at first glance, that everything should be questioned.

Over time the twins and those around them will recognize the energy and connection that comes from these two flames.

The 12 signs that prove that you are in a relationship with your twin flame

It is said that twin souls have a telepathic link and that their fusion creates an energy that allows them to rise spiritually. Here is a list of the 12 main signs that indicate that you are in a romantic relationship with your twin flame.

1. You feel an intense attraction: for no apparent reason you seem to have known this person forever

2. Together, you develop a new way of thinking: you share ideas, beliefs and you are not afraid to change your opinion.

3. You are the personification of Yin and Yang: you feel like you have found a part of yourself, the one that you miss.

4. You notice that the period preceding your meeting was marked by many changes.

5. When you are with your partner, you become irrational emotionally.

6. Your bond is instantly woven and your relationship evolves quickly: the more you get to know yourself, the more you fall in love.

7. Even if your relationship is filled with passion, it is also full of worries and uncertainties.

8. You are more than lovers: you are best friends, therapists, and mentors. Your connection goes beyond romanticism.

9. One of you is more spiritual while the other is more practical.

10. You have the impression of being telepathic: you can feel what the other is feeling.

11. You have a lot of differences but you also have a lot of basic things in common: with your twin flame, you have similarities, which some call coincidences, which have been repeated in your lives, until the day of your meeting.

12. Your partner shows you what you want most and what scares you the most.

The reunion of the twin flames is like a gift from God. Souls are finally complete and the energy which emanates from them inspires all the people around them. Don’t be afraid of this experience, embrace it head-on! It will allow you to discover who you are and to fulfill your romantic, spiritual and emotional potential.

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