The right person will find your imperfections beautiful

For the right person, the fact that you are sticky is going to be adorable. She will be flattered that you want to spend as much time with her. She’s going to be excited to see you every weekend and wake up every morning to the sound of the text you sent her. she will be as invested in the relationship as you and she will not want to spend a night away from you.

For the right person, the fact that you sometimes think too much is going to be proof of your intelligence. She will understand why you analyze all situations; because you care about her, you want her to be happy and the relationship to be successful. She will appreciate all the efforts you make in everything you want to achieve. It will give you a sense of value and validation.

For the right person, your blues are not going to be anything negative. She won’t run away as soon as your smile starts to tense up. She is not going to let you fight alone with your problems. She will stay by your side and help you through bad times. She will remind you that everything will be fine and turn her promises into reality.

The right person is not going to be disappointed when they see you without makeup, disheveled or hairy legs. She will love you whether you wear a sexy outfit or a tracksuit. Whatever you wear, you will be beautiful or beautiful for her. she will give you compliments even when you doubt yourself.

The right person is not going to judge your weirdness. She will join you in your madness. She will go crazy and noisy by your side. It will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. It will perfectly match you, even if until then you thought it was not possible.

The right person is not going to criticize you because you need to be reassured. Every day, she will remind you that she loves you and that she appreciates everything you do for her. She will give you compliments as often as possible because she wants you to see yourself through her eyes: perfect!

She wants you to know that she hasn’t lost interest in you, that you still don’t bother her and that she never regretted the time spent by your side.

The right person is not going to be frustrated with your intensity. She is not going to want you to text her less, to see you less often or to stop behaving like yourself . she will be proud to call you “her love”.

She will show you to others, as soon as she has the opportunity. She will love every part of your personality, even if you regard them as flaws.

The right person is not going to hurt, lie or abandon you. She is going to be as excited as you are to be in this relationship and to have the chance to prepare for a common future. She will be looking forward to spending the rest of her days with you!

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