The real reason to make love is vital to you

It’s not exactly a scoop to say that Love making on a regular basis is a morale booster, but researchers have wanted to pinpoint the exact reason why frequent s ex provides such a sense of well-being. -to be. Let’s see what their research has been able to prove.

Targeted studies and interesting results

Researchers at the University of Toronto have done several different studies, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. In the first experiment, they recruited 335 Americans online and asked about their relationships, how often they had s ex, whether they were happy and how often they kissed and cuddled with each other. their partner. Then, they did the same thing with 74 San Francisco couples. Knowing that the frequency of s exual intercourse and tactile contact were linked to increased happiness, the researchers concluded that it is really the affection – and not the s ex – that explains the feeling of well-being felt. by people who have frequent s ex.

Next, the researchers asked 106 Swiss couples to hold diaries and found that the more couples had s ex over a ten-day period, the more satisfied they were with their relationship. A subsequent study showed that these same couples were more likely to report “manifestations of affection” several hours after s exual intercourse, not just in the moments immediately following.

Clarification: Because this study relies on questionnaires and participant agendas, it is difficult to determine what is actually responsible for the feeling of happiness that s ex provides. However, this study reaffirms at least what most people already know: s ex and caresses are not only enjoyable, they are good for your health.


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