the reaction of each zodiac sign when unhappy in a relationship

A relationship is an investment of your time, your self and your vision for the future. It is quite normal that we expect some gain, emotional or physical. When the level of our contribution to this connection is not the same as what we receive, we then become unhappy and everyone reacts differently.

When certain signs of the zodiac choose the confrontation for the clarification of the situation, others will choose to ignore the face-to-face and will find other ways, as well to make you understand the extent of their sorrow or for your push to leave first.


Aries will not opt ​​for confrontation but will prefer to hide in a cave a thousand feet underground. They’ll lock themselves in their own shell, so if you’re going to ask about their attitude, then they’re probably unhappy.


When they are unhappy in a relationship, the natives of this sign reorient their interest to other projects, trying to make somehow an alternative source of happiness. They can put themselves overnight to apply literally all the steps of cooking recipes they find, change the decoration of your living space from top to bottom …


The natives of Gemini can not support relational failure, so they will unleash all their negative emotions on other dysfunctional aspects in their lives. It can be work just like family relationships. They prefer a thousand times to pour their anxiety and their anxiety resulting from their situation of a couple on other elements than to face it and to recognize this state of missing happiness.


Usually expressive in nature, the alarming sign of their misfortune is silence. They will not react so emotionally to your shared moments together and will have a passive attitude towards what was, previously, a source of excitement and stimulation of their happiness.


Lion people do not waste their time fixing what is cracked, but they will look for an element of substitution and therefore a new relationship. They will be pretty aggressive in this case. They will also tend to ignore you and totally dismiss you from certain points on which you were both decision-makers.


If this case arises, then their keyword is distraction. Being also passionate by nature, if they find themselves deeply invested in extreme activities, this will translate an uncomfortable situation for them within the couple. So if they suddenly find themselves passionate about mountaineering and are irreproachably assiduous in this new activity, then something is certainly not going on in their relationship.


They are very romantic by nature, and if their couple is not doing well, they lose control over every aspect of their lives. Thus neither their work, nor their social relations, nor even their state of health will be in good shape. They will be more and more stressed and will react excessively to the smallest worries of everyday life.


Being an intense sign, they will not stand the situation. They will look with jealousy for all the evidence putting their spouse wrong to force him to leave. A Scorpio person will look for all potential leads to prove his point of view and will often call you an ungrateful spouse, unfit to care for her and not treating her as she deserves to be.


When they are unhappy in a relationship, native Sagittarians start with a passive-aggressiveness to end up in a real explosion when you least expect it. To find out if the state of your relationship annoys them, it is enough to scrutinize their daily actions: they will not fail to do anything that can irritate you, which can be similar to warning signs to warn you the tornado that is on the horizon.


These people experience a decrease in the level of happiness in a relationship as a feeling of irritating discomfort. They become so maniac and will try to control even the smallest points of your life to two that is the programming of your outings or even the menu of the week.


When an Aquarius does not feel happy in a relationship, he will update his commitment for any activity that he would have put aside since the beginning of your relationship or even before: Resume his studies, decorate the living room …


When they are deprived of their source of happiness, they become particularly egocentric, even if they do not let anything appear on the surface. Thus, they are already ready to start a new life with another person. They will not consult you any more to plan their activities or organize an outing.


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