The part of your personality that scares others according to your zodiac sign

Nobody is perfect and we all have small defects that we try hard to hide. This reality is all the more important during a date of love. When we meet someone for the first time, we try to be in the best light, to control his actions, to speak detached and seductive … We do our best to look irresistible. Astrologers have revealed the defect that shows the most in every sign of the zodiac.

But as we strive to unveil our seductive assets while mitigating the negative aspects of our personality, our true nature often takes over. We are not all good actors and it is clear that the natural returns to galloping most of the time.

To help you spot what a man or a woman can blame you for on a first date, discover in this Astro point, the anomalies that could be perceived from your personality, according to your zodiac sign.

1. Aries

The least we can say is that the native of this sign has energy to spare. His personality dynamic and enthusiastic charm often. However, he tends to act abruptly and not to curb his ardor. When he talks about his projects, he shows his motivation but his ideas do not seem clear and he can seem quickly incoherent in his remarks.

2. Taurus

Taurus is rather calm and looks stable and serious when he speaks. This reassuring aspect prolongs the meeting since the person feels good at his side. But the more time she spends, the more she realizes he’s talking a lot about him. And yes, his egocentric side takes over despite his efforts.

3. Gemini

Gemini is nice and has many different conversation topics. His gift for communication allows him to stimulate his partner. However, he is far too hesitant when he has to make a choice. It takes time to decide on very simple things and it can quickly annoy.

4. Cancer

Cancer is extremely sensitive and a strand susceptible. He can get carried away very quickly and take the words too much to heart. If the person makes remarks to him, he may perceive them as insulting and feel hurt. He will tend to be moody and scare the partner.

5. Lion

His enthusiastic and dynamic personality seduces and he knows it. Leo plays with his seductive ability, he is beautiful and charismatic. But he is a very direct person who does not weigh his words. It can sometimes affect the other person by telling him things that he would not want to hear, especially on a first date.

6. Virgo

Giving body and soul to control everything in his daily life, the native Virgin can be rigid even during a first appointment. He may want to proceed in his own way and refuse to involve his partner in decision-making. He will want to choose the place, the time and the activity he will do with his partner.

7. Libra

The native Libra shows sympathy and kindness in all circumstances. However, he can sometimes be clumsy when he tries to make compliments. If he tells you that your dress gives you shapes, do not take it badly … He just wanted to tell you how good it was.

8. Scorpion

Very mysterious, the Scorpion will be difficult to analyze at the first appointment. This sign is suspicious and can not be easily revealed. But he is very focused on reflection. It will tend to analyze the lyrics and decrypt them, and the partner will eventually notice it.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is sensitive and generous. He is a passionate person who does not hesitate to show his optimism and to share positive energies. However, the native of this sign is very empathetic and if you tell him your worries, it’s a safe bet that he will be affected too. He will reveal to you an emotional side that you did not even suspect existed.


Very ambitious, Capricorn has a will of iron and accomplishes its objectives in an organized and progressive way. He will talk about his future plans but will not include anyone in his plans. This sign is very independent and displays a distant behavior with others, he thinks he needs no help to reach the end of his dreams.


Aquarius is rebellious and very difficult to understand. He is different from others and has his own principles in life. The native of this sign could scare him with his vision of the world. His partner will have trouble identifying him and will wonder if it is really possible to have a relationship with someone so special.


Pisces is someone who daydreams a lot. He never really has his feet on the ground and that’s in his interactions. The native of this sign is also susceptible and emotional and can get carried away for nothing. His partner may not understand some of his reactions.


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