The only thing you should never tell your partner based on his zodiac sign

Each sign of the zodiac has a certain peculiarity as that of not being able to bear to hear precise phrases at the risk of putting it out of it. Want to know which one should never tell your partner? Read on.

Aries: “Wait for me.”

You should never tell your Aries partner to wait for you. You know how impatient he is. When Aries see you want to do things slowly, for them this means an eternity. Remember, these are ambitious people who like to do things fast and well.

Taurus: “I have an eye on you.”

A bull will always value trust. Taurus hate being dominated. Whenever people try to dominate a bull, he sees it as an act of condescension. Even when you do it to protect him, he will not see it well. He does not like to be treated as a child who needs to be protected.

Gemini: “Just shut up.”

It would certainly be a good idea to never tell your partner Gemini to shut up. Because it will not push him to speak even more. Gemini are very expressive people and they hate when their freedom of expression is repressed. They do not react well to this kind of affront, they can even react violently.

Cancer: “Get out of your comfort zone.”

There is nothing that a Cancer hates more than being in a place he does not know. He is a homebody who always likes to stay in his comfort zone. Yes, you would like him to gain new experiences, but let him make that decision himself.

Lion: “People would love you better if …”

Never touch the pride of a Lion. He loves nothing more than being loved and worshiped. And if you tell him he has to change so that people will love him, then he will turn his back on you. Lion tend to stick to a certain self-esteem. And when someone makes them doubt their value, they do not respond in a very constructive way.

Virgo: “I do not care about your opinion.”

Respect is the only thing the sign of Virgo will require of anyone with whom it interacts. Of course, he has high standards and expectations, but failure to meet his expectations on certain aspects of life is always forgivable. What he can never forgive are blatant acts of disrespect. So, stay on the good side of your partner Virgin while always being respectful towards him.

Balance: “Hurry up and make a choice.”

The Libra sign is intrinsically undecided. He is a peacemaker who appreciates balance and harmony in his life. He would never want to rush into a decision with the risk of offending others. So, he will hate you forcing him to make a big decision in a hurry. You only add unnecessary pressure to his life.

Scorpio: “Relax.”

You already know how much a Scorpion can be whimsical. And even if you do not like him being often suspicious and in a negative way of thinking, for him it is not a problem. And he will not like it if you tell him he has to relax and let go.

Sagittarius: “I have a really terrible life.”

Never influence a Sagittarius with your negativity. Remember that natives of Sagittarius tend to be very positive and optimistic. They like to look at the world on the right side and through positive thinking. And when they find negativity in their life, they will expel it. So, if you do not want to be excluded from the life of your Sagittarius partner, then do not be pessimistic.

Capricorn: “Why are you doing this?”

There is nothing more abhorrent for a Capricorn than to be judged. He acts in a certain way because he thinks it’s the way to live. He hates when his actions are questioned.

Aquarius: “It’s a stupid idea.”

Aquarius does not tend to be a sign of the emotional zodiac. But never try to defy his intellectual prowess. The moment he feels that you are trying to belittle his intellectual abilities, he will have a hard and direct answer. An Aquarius is proud to be intelligent, and he does not like when his intelligence is questioned.

Pisces: “I heard something about you.”

Although this particular zodiac sign may have a taste for drama, it never wants to be in the center of it. He does not like when he is the subject of gossip. He finds it very uncomfortable and his fragile soul may not be able to withstand this kind of emotional pressure.


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