The new fashion for pregnant women is to have her nail ultrasound painted

Ready to let everyone talk about your nails and more about your pregnancy? Here is a unique and creative way to share your joy of becoming a mom, this is a new trend of nail art that is to print the ultrasound of the fetus on the nails, nice is not it? Discover …

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life and you want to enjoy it. Far from morning sickness, permanent tiredness or leg cramps, there are fun things that will help you make the most of these special moments and, most importantly, keep good memories. In this article, you will discover a special way to celebrate a pregnancy differently.

Congratulations, you are pregnant!

Being pregnant is a happy experience, especially when you are expecting your first child. From the moment you share the news with the future father, or hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time, these nine months will be filled with mini-celebrations. Some women will turn their belly into a work of art, others will be content with a photoshoot month by month, while the more creative will choose to scan and print the ultrasound of their fetuses on their nails.

It all started after the 34-year-old beautician Sarah Clarke from Stockton-on-Tees in Durham County, England, published manicures that she created for her clients and that clearly showed an ultrasound of a fetus on a fingernail. The publication of Sarah was shared 44000 times on social networks and this is how this creation quickly turned into a trend that pregnant women have loved and adopted …

In a touching publication on Instagram, a woman shared the picture of her nail, stating that it is a way for her to mourn the loss of her baby before she was born. She explained that she and her husband spent three years treating fertility, and she finally got pregnant in April. But a month later, his fetus was no longer developing, so it had to be removed! Having her image on her fingernail makes her smile and gives her a good breath of hope for the future …

Other moms have specifically made this manicure for the baby shower or unveiling of the baby’s gender, which perfectly matches the theme of the event.

These manicures are really impressive from an artistic point of view. Recreating an ultrasound photo as a manicure can not be easy!

The easiest way for beauticians to reproduce ultrasound is to scan the image and then reduce it to the fingernail. They can then place the pattern on any nail so that it matches the original image. But some artists are able to reproduce the drawing themselves with paint.

This is certainly not the first time that pregnant women turn their ultrasounds into works of art. In fact, you can also turn your ultrasounds into embroidery as shown in the following photo:

More and more women aspire to live their pregnancy differently, to put more meaning and awareness in it. These trends allow them to assert themselves as future moms, even if they are not suitable for everyone!


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