The more you run after him, the more you will hurt yourself

The more you run after him, the more power you will give him. And if you are unhappy to see a little effort he devotes to your couple, by behaving in this way you only encourage them to continue.

On the contrary, you encourage him to do only what he wants. By staying by his side and “forgiving”, you are telling him that nothing is wrong with his behavior. Above all, you are certainly not encouraging him to do more.

Why would he bother to organize a romantic evening or send you a message if you do it constantly before him?

The more you run after him, the lazier he will become! He will never take the first step again. And he certainly won’t bother chasing after you. Perhaps subconsciously, he will say that in any case, you are doing all the work for him.

And it will let you make every effort.

The more you chase after him, the more you will blame him. Right now, you may just be happy that he notices you, but as soon as the honeymoon phase ends, that won’t be enough for you.

And very quickly, you will be full of frustration at your ignored messages, your unanswered calls, and canceled appointments.

You have never failed him and therefore find it difficult to understand why he constantly lets you down, despite everything you do and have done for him.

And very quickly, you will also understand that being the one who loves more and who does more is extremely tiring. One day, you will decide that your relationship is only injustice and imbalance and you will ask to be treated differently. Or, you will leave it…

In any case, chasing after him will only be a source of suffering. You will quickly become anxious and find it hard to feel safe. You will find yourself grappling with a thousand questions about her intentions, her attraction to you, etc.

You will begin to wonder why he is not making more of an effort to communicate with you or spend quality time with you. You will wonder why you are the only one who seems to care about your relationship and the moments you spend together.

You will also end up wondering if you have done something wrong if something is missing.

By running after him, you put yourself in a vulnerable position. He has the power to reject you. He has the power to ignore you. It has the power to break your heart. But he is in the safest and most secure position possible!

He knows that if he ignores you, you will write him a second message. He knows that if he apologizes, you will forgive him.

He knows for sure that you will not go anywhere. While you are afraid that he may leave you at any time. And in no case should a healthy relationship inspire you with this type of feeling.

No one wants to be the only one to make an effort. No one wants to be the one to try. We all want to be with someone who loves us as much as we love him. Someone who is involved in our relationship from the start and as much as you.

The more you run after him, the more you will hurt yourself. So make sure you are not the only one contributing!

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