The love of your life will come only after the mistake of your life

One of the hardest things in love is to realize that we are not with the right person. Whatever the reason for this revelation, hope becomes sadness and all our plans fall into the water to leave us broken and destroyed. But let’s stop for a second and think, maybe we have to go through this dark stage so that new light can enter our life? Indeed, the love of our life will come only after the error of our life

It is always possible to stay in a relationship that is a constant battle of wills and ideals, it is a choice. However, no matter how many times we hope things work and work out, it does not happen. Simply because this relation is not the good one!

We all make mistakes in love.

Sometimes we choose people who do not suit us and we try desperately to change them, probably because our souls are still not ready for true love.

We must know that with the love of our life, there will be no battles to overcome, nor defects to change. There will be no unmet needs or drama on every street corner. In fact, this calm and caring love will show us why none of our previous relationships worked.

Our worst mistake and deep sorrow are only meant to help us and bring us to the love of our lives, otherwise, we may never know what it looks like.

The love of our life comes only when we are ready, when we know each other enough to know what we want from life. This love only appears when we have acquired the capacity to believe that we deserve what we want. It will come when we begin to approach love differently and seek the appeasement of a blue sky instead of the intensity of the storm.

Healing after a breakup takes a lot of time, energy and willpower. It’s a constant decision to free ourselves from all the toxicity that surrounds us, it’s knowing that we can love someone but that we can still leave the head up because we know we deserve better. Over time, we understand that love must not only give us the impression that it adds value to our lives, but it must also help us to become the best possible version of us.

The love of our life is on our doorstep, watching us heal to be able to enter.

The love of our life will not resemble any of our previous relationships. It could come gently or even come suddenly. The love of our life can come disguised as friendship or born of a relationship of a night that was supposed to be without continuation. Love is often there, before our eyes but we are not always able to see it, especially because of the pain of our love mistakes. However, it is enough to open a little better eyes because as said Alphonse de Lamartine: “A world of love hatched in a look. “


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