The husband I pray for

Growing up, we probably all wondered about the man we were going to marry – what he looks like, what his voice looks like, the color of his eyes, etc. We’ve all watched Disney fairy tale movies like “Cinderella”, “The Little Mermaid” and “Sleeping Beauty”.

The love stories that Disney creates can be just fiction. Knowing this, many people believe that this kind of love does not exist. As a child, I always wanted to be Ariel and find my Prince Eric.

As I got older, I realized that this kind of man could not exist without God. Disney’s love story only exists by God. God is writing a love story that we cannot imagine.

That is why we have to trust His will for our lives. We should trust the love story that God writes for us.

I woke up this morning thinking about relationships and how difficult it is to have one at the age of 20. I am not looking for a husband or loved one at this time, but I am praying for that special person that God has planned for my life.

May God put this special man in my life next week or in 20 years, I will pray for him. I pray for a man who seeks God and his guidance. I can’t imagine being with someone who doesn’t love God as much as I do.

Honestly, I decided that from now on, I will let God guide my steps. I refuse to worry about anything wrong with me when I should just pray for the man God has in store for me.

Girls my age are blinded by what a good boyfriend is and what a potential husband really looks like. I pray for a man who prays before each meal and thanks to God for his simple blessings.

I don’t want to settle for less, I know what I deserve and I know that God has a plan. The husband I pray for is the man I want my daughters to admire and be proud to have as a father. I want my children to know that their father loves Jesus and is not ashamed of it.

A man who is ashamed of Jesus or who loves Jesus only on Sunday is not a potential husband. I want my husband to be the man that people associate Jesus with.

I pray that my husband will be humble. I pray that my husband will make strangers feel his loving presence and know that Jesus is present in his life. I pray that my husband wants the same things as me, like 15 children – I’m kidding.

But I pray that he has a sense of humor and that he understands my need for laughter and sunshine in my life. I pray that my husband will look for Jesus in difficult times and understand when the answer to his prayers is no.

I hope my husband understands that whatever happens, God has a plan and an answer, even if it is not what he wants. I want my husband to understand my needs and what I want from life. I want my husband to encourage me and my decisions.

I want my children to know that my husband is the man who prays for them. I want my husband to be the crying man the first time he sees me in a wedding dress.

I want my husband to be the man our kids can run to at 3 a.m. because they have a nightmare and need him to hug them. I want my husband to have a loving and sincere heart. I pray that the man I am going to marry will pray for me, just as I pray for him.

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