The day will come when you will meet the love of your life

One day, your gaze will meet that of someone else, without knowing that it is the one that you have always waited for. Things will progress naturally and you will be amazed at the ease with which you will advance.

You will not fall in love with an impulse. No, you will nourish the desire to discover the meanders of his mind and to unravel his deepest thoughts. You will get to know him little by little and you will not feel compelled to rush, simply because you feel good.

It will allow you to keep your feet on the ground and it will satisfy you. You will instinctively know that he is trustworthy and he will never give you the slightest reason to doubt it. Over time, your feelings for him will grow deeper and the bonds you may have built will harden.

One day, you will meet someone who will have chosen you and who will love you a little more each day.

In the era of illusory love and fleeting relationships, there are still loves that last. You are not an option or a second choice, you are someone he sincerely wants to get to know.

It does not impose unrealistic expectations on you but accepts and loves you for the wonderful person you are. It does not pull you down but encourages you to dream big, to aim higher and to be better. He loves you beyond your physical appearance, admires your strength, loves your way of thinking and your openness.

His love is endless and cannot be measured. You will not have to fight for its attention or make vain efforts to conquer it. You won’t have to be on guard or hold back lest it breaks your heart.

You can proudly present it to your friends and family. They will be as excited and happy as you are when you find that you have finally found the happiness you deserve. It is with him that you will finally want to publish cute selfies and it is your happiness by his side that you will want to shout loudly. It is with him that you will talk about the future, the marriage you will have, the house you will buy and the life you will build together.

One day, you will meet someone who will overcome all the obstacles that stand in your way, so that your relationship lasts.

Until then, you have known nothing but love that is doomed to failure. But when the storm breaks out and life gets more complicated, he will not analyze this as the need to question your couple. It will not allow any of this to affect you. He will not see it as irreconcilable differences and capable of destroying your relationship.

He is the one you can trust and can always count on. The one whose smile will brighten your day. The one with whom you plan your vacation and with whom you will embark on countless adventures.

The best friend who will know you better than yourself. The soul mate of your dreams, the one who will be everything you dreamed of. The one to spend eternity with. The love without which you could not imagine yourself living.

The day will come when you will meet the love of your life but I beg you, meanwhile, never stop believing in love.

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