The Best FOOD places in New York

I do not think life would be enough to test all the restaurants in New York so much there are. I myself had a great list of restaurants to do and then finally I made a third Ahah. We sometimes improvised, dined in a restaurant found a few hours ago … But for once, we have always enjoyed! So I was very, very eager to share my good addresses If you missed the previous post, you can find my tips and places in New York.

Shake Shack

I’m sure many of you know this franchise, especially since there are shake shack in London, but New York is still the base. Where it all began. I am particularly fond of their vegetarian burger which is made up of a “pancake” fried mushrooms/cheese. It’s an intergalactic slaughter. Moreover, if you take fries do not hesitate to add cheese, it’s divinely good.

The Butcher’s Daughter

In addition to having a trendy decor and very friendly staff, The Butcher’s daughter offers very good food. If you have a special diet like veganism or eat gluten-free, you will find your happiness! Perfect for a brunch, however, the prices are a little high I think.

Jack’s wife Freda

A good address in Soho (or West Village) for a brunch or lunch. The menu is very varied, I personally recommend the waffles which are delicious and very greedy. An address that I would go back to without hesitation.


It is a restaurant that is a short walk from Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment and is run by a Frenchman. You will find mainly burgers and mac’n’cheese. It offers several different topping for mac’n’cheese but I recommend (strongly) the mac’n’cheese with truffle. He is truly divine! Otherwise, the burgers are also very good, for the more gourmet he offers a burger mac’n’cheese. Yes yes, you read correctly.

Momofuku Nishi

I discovered Momofuku and David Chang on Netflix on Ugly Delicious. I loved his story, his concept and I really wanted to taste his cuisine. David Chang has several Momofuku restaurants, each with a specialty. The Nishi is an Italian restaurant. In this restaurant, each dish is shared, which allows testing several things. We had crab pasta and pasta This e Pepe (twice). I had discovered Cacio e Pepe during my trip to Rome and loved it. It simply means Cheese and Pepper. Nishi’s version was to die for. If you go there, you should definitely try this dish. But remember to book, otherwise it will be difficult to have a table!


I discovered MilkBar and her creator Christina Tosi in Chef’s Table on Netflix. And yes another show but this one is just crazy, if you like cooking, you have to watch! She started her business thanks to David Chang, who motivated her to do so after tasting the cereal milk ice cream she had created while working for him. She sells cookies, cakes, and many other sweet things, but what made her reputation is this ice cream. I tasted it and loved it. It’s not very sweet and it’s a direct return to childhood. Do you remember the taste of milk at the end of your cereal bowl? Well, that’s what ice is. And it’s too good.


Another chef discovered in Chef’s Table … Enrique Olvera. But for our defense, we booked without knowing it was him since the episode we had seen was about a restaurant in Mexico! Cosme is as you can imagine in a Mexican restaurant. If you do not know this kitchen you will find lots of specialties. I once ate a taco in my life and it was in Barcelona so much to tell you that I really discovered the Mexican cuisine in Cosme. And for the most part, I enjoyed myself. The food was delicious, but if you like me, be careful because some dishes are very spicy Ahah.


Lombardi’s is the oldest pizzeria in the United States / New York. As a result, eating there is a bit special! You do not necessarily need to book, we went on a whim and we literally waited 5 minutes for a table (against 20 minutes announced). There are very few pizzas à la carte but for my part, I think that’s what it takes. We had a very good margarita there.


It is also an Italian restaurant and for once the pizzas are excellent. By cons, it is a popular place so either you go to the opening, or your book. Before going to Lombardi’s we initially planned to go to Rubirosa but when we were told to wait for 1h15 we quickly continued our way. If I can give you some advice, take a pizza for two. They are huge and difficult to finish alone (I could only eat half of mine).

Rice to Riches

After a good pizza at Rubirosa or Lombardi’s, you can have your dessert at Rice to Riches which is a rice pie shop. If you like that as much as me you will love it. There are many flavors (speculos, vanilla, caramel, chocolate …) and many topping. Again do not make the same mistake as us and take only one perfume per person Ahah. The portions are HUGE. Just like an ice cream, I thought of taking two flavors, but when I saw my order I was a little hallucinated. Apart from that, it was really very good!

The little cupcake bakery

The paradise of cupcake and layer cake! You will find many choices, on the other hand, do not like us and do not have eyes bigger than the belly Ahah. New York desserts, in general, are extremely sweet compared to what we know as French. So, even if it’s good, it is sometimes difficult to overcome a pastry!

For larger budgets

Momofuku Ko

Another restaurant of David Chang, you’ll understand. This one is guided by the Japanese tradition. I recommend you book for the bar where you can see the chefs cook right in front of you. We had the tasting menu which consisted of 12 dishes and each of them was a tasting discovery. Greg also took the wine pairing and was able to discover some typical Asian spirits and drinks. It was a very nice experience and I think I will never forget this restaurant.

Eleven Madison Park

It’s a restaurant located on Madison Avenue, just across the street from Madison Square Park, hence the name. It has 3 Michelin stars since 2012 and was ranked the best restaurant in the world in 2017 in the “50 best” list. This alone promises an incredible dining experience. And that was the case. You do not know what you are going to eat when you book, but once there you are offered 3 choices for each dish. One with meat, one with fish and a vegetarian. Which is, in my opinion, a good point and can suit many. The restaurant itself was very beautiful, and the food creative and surprising. I would add that the cocktail menu is very rich!


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