The alchemy between two people: what is it?

The chemistry between two people is no accident, it has a specific purpose. It is therefore very important to understand what is the chemistry between two people in order to be able to love more. it can sometimes frighten you because you have the impression of losing control: love takes you away and you are not always in control of your actions.

We often hear people say that the chemistry between two people is a bad thing. Indeed, we should pay attention to the people to whom we are most attracted because they tend to bring to the surface, all our problems. Sure, chemistry makes relationships strong and unpredictable, but is it really something negative?

The alchemy between two people: definition

We could define alchemy as an unbearable attraction between two beings. Two hearts and especially two bodies are eagerly looking for each other. One is nothing without the other, so much so that the separations are strong and heartbreaking.

If you want an easy life and a hassle-free relationship, chemistry really isn’t for you. On the other hand, we are all complicated, why then do we seek to make our relationships simple? From a spiritual point of view, love is supposed to be wild. This does not mean that we have to stay in toxic or abusive relationships but that we accept the fact that love must make us grow and become better.

When the chemistry between two people is present, several feelings resurface insecurity, doubt, fear, jealousy, judgment, and contempt. For this reason, many people describe alchemical relationships as bad and unhealthy. However, on the spiritual level, these relationships fulfill their role: they bring out your ego so that you can change it!

When we remember that these relationships are supposed to push us to grow, we no longer see them as evil. There is a lesson in each challenge: here is learning to really connect with love.

Love lessons can take many forms. Sometimes reconnecting to love means leaving a man; sometimes it means fighting to make a romantic relationship work. And sometimes the lesson is: learn to forgive others and yourself. We all want peace in our relationship and as long as the chemistry between two people exists, the relationship is worth saving.

Do not deny the alchemy you feel, it exists for a reason: the people who attract you the most are supposed to be your greatest teachers.

The alchemy between two people: explanation

Does love just happen like that? How many times have you heard someone complain about the time they spent looking for love, a soul mate or a partner? Far too often! Well, it’s because love doesn’t fall from the sky, you can’t find it like you find your lost keys.

Most of the time, before looking for love, one needs to feel the alchemy. This spark will give birth to feelings so gripping that they will bring you to your knees.

Signs of alchemy between two people

1. You constantly look at yourself

The first sign of the existence of alchemy between two people is in the eyes: the way you look at yourself can reveal a lot. When you feel a strong chemistry with someone and you are attracted to that person, you cannot take your eyes off theirs. Most of the time, we do this unconsciously and find ourselves embarrassed when someone notices.

If you find yourself staring at a person long and hard, then you are interested in this man. Modern women have become hunters, like men, so they are strong and conquering. By keeping your eyes wide open, you clearly show your interest: your pupils dilate, your eyebrows rise and all your concentration is turned towards this person.

2. Body language as a primary sign of alchemy between two people

When we are interested in someone, we have the impression that our bodies attract each other. It is the way our bodies react to the emotions generated by the chemistry between two people. Most of the time, these are little signs that allow you to know and understand your partner better.

Women cannot hide their feelings and therefore find it difficult to control the unconscious reactions of their bodies. And yes! We play with our hair, we cross our legs, we lick our lips and we lean towards the man who interests us.

Men, on the other hand, react to physiological motivations. They do not blush but they start to sweat because the men, who feel the chemistry between them and their conquest, are anxious.

3. You are very close

Two people who do everything to speak and see each other as often as possible are definitely two individuals who feel strong alchemy. You use every opportunity to touch yourself in a sensual way. So, if he holds your hand while fixing your eyes or if he caresses your knee; he’s crazy about you.

In front of others, these touches may seem innocent but they always lead to something significant: your desire to be with the other is palpable.

4. You tease yourself in front of others

Teasing someone is a child’s play. Even if it is not really a direct sign that reveals the presence of alchemy between two people, it is at least a way of ensuring that you have their attention. When a man teases you, he tries to provoke a reaction in you; it gives you ridiculous nicknames.

5. Alchemy so strong that you cannot separate yourself

You are attracted to this man, the chemistry between you is strong and you have the impression of being close to each other. You no longer even pay attention to the people around you; you only see him! The strength of your chemistry pushes you to be constantly close to each other because you cannot bear to be separated.

6. There are small tensions between you

It comes back, once again, to teasing: when you play and you are affectionate in public, one of you can go too far or lose control. So you have to be careful with the words you say when you tease your partner. He doesn’t have to be mean or rude.

7. You don’t pay attention to others

When you are by the right person, no one else matters anymore: the others don’t even exist anymore. The chemistry between two people can be so strong that you forget everything: your obligations, your phone, your friends, etc.

If you notice that he too leaves his phone aside when he talks to you, it’s a very good sign. Today, everyone is addicted to their cellphone, so putting away your phone, to talk face-to-face is huge!

8. You smile all the time

When you are with your partner you have a smile to your ears and it never seems to go away. When you love someone, you laugh a lot together and when the chemistry between two people is strong, this laughter is music that seduces the ears of your loved one.

9. Alchemy comes from pheromones

Here we are talking about real science. Research has shown that when you love someone, your body produces pheromones, the hormones that are responsible for the attraction and existence of sexual desire. This secretion affects our body: it emits an odor that only the opposite sex can smell.

To put it simply, when you are attracted to a man, you are first attracted by his fragrance and then by the rest. Hence the alchemy …

10. You need each other’s attention

Another sign of the chemistry between two people is the need for attention. Among all the people around you, you only want to catch the eye of the one you like.

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