The 9 anti-malnutrition foods of the winter!

Today I find you to share these foods to integrate especially during the winter. These foods have many health and body benefits during this season. So to avoid a cold, gastro or good flu. So here is the list of these foods to incorporate into your plates 


Anti oxidant, antimicrobial, anti-cholesterol … It helps fight many infections as a kind of natural antibiotic!


Its compound, curcumin is anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Also good for our intestines, it reduces the sedative disorder.


A jar of yogurt contains many good bacteria. Here I am talking about classic yogurts that contain lactic ferments and not fruit yogurts, or other desserts … These yogurts are concentrate on pro-biotics that help digestion and transit.

The kiwi

We often talk about vitamin C content of orange … However what you need to know. The kiwi contains twice as much! A single kiwi per day can cover our intake of vitamins C. And in addition, it is anti-oxidant, stimulates the immune system. It is also anti-fatigue 

The lemon

Still a good ally for the winter! Antioxidant, strengthens the immune system and helps detoxification of the body.


It decreases the development of certain cancers and bacteria. Also rich in vitamins C and which helps the proper functioning of the immune system.


It is mainly found in winter and it is not for nothing! Because it is rich in B9 vitamins that work by reducing stress and fatigue. It is also antioxidant and rich in omega 3.

So we forget the lettuce this winter and we prefer the lettuce salad!

Oily fish

Like sardine, mackerel, salmon, herring, trout … Rich in vitamins D and omega 3. They have an anti-inflammatory action and help stimulate the immune system.


Many people already know, but honey has an anti-inflammatory action and helps to heal. Nothing better for sore throats in winter 

As a reminder

Regarding fruits and vegetables. The less they are cooked, the more they maintain their good nutrients!

Here are the perfect foods to spend the winter in good health! Exit blows of slackness, depression and fatigue


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