The 7 secrets of men that women do not know

Behind their confident and brazen airs, men are sometimes small children who lack confidence in themselves and who want to be guided. In love especially, men are not always like caricatures.

Here are 7 things to know about men:

1 – They are not sure of them:

Although most men look very confident when addressing women and especially when they try to seduce them, many admit they are not as sure of themselves as they are. appear.
Indeed, men also have their insecurity and vulnerability they try to hide somehow, under their playful and cheeky.

2 – They like to be prey:

The “rule” has always been that the man is the one who approaches the woman and tries to attract her. For some men, the role of the prey is always that of the woman, but for many others, this role can be shared and that’s good! The time of male domination is over. Today, women have become more independent and can go hunting for their prey too in order to choose the person they want. 
Indeed, more and more men appreciate this exchange of roles and thus be prey. Ladies, you know what you have to do!

3 – They do not remember details:

If you can remember the color of the lingerie you wore on your first time with your darling, do not expect too much for him. Indeed, women have the ability to pay attention to small details and to remember them especially, because it matters a lot to them. On the men’s side, it’s the opposite. It is quite rare to find a man who does not miss anything at all and who memorizes the smallest detail, because it is a question of priority and especially of thinking and seeing things and not necessarily a proof of negligence.
But rest assured ladies, just contact your partner and explain the importance of this kind of things for you. Be sure he will take this into account.

4 – They like when women appreciate their sense of humor:

A funny man is a se xy man, it’s a fact! Most men are aware of this and therefore do their best to highlight their “humorous ability” to attract women. Those with an innate sense of humor do, but those who try a little too hard grope on the ground.  
In general, men love when women appreciate their sense of humor and laugh out loud when they tell jokes. This flatters their ego and feeds it. They feel suddenly more confident and more confident.

5 – The way to touch the hearts of men really does not pass their stomachs:

Most men are true gourmands and love good food. It is therefore natural that they will appreciate a woman who knows how to cook well. Of course, the culinary skills of women should not be a criterion of judgment, but for some men, this is a real plus!

6 – They like women they can introduce to their family:

Although men are not always clear about their intentions when they find the right person, it is important to know that they prefer the women they can introduce to those around them. This means that they really intend to seriously engage with the partner they have chosen!

7 – They do not like their partner to change for them:

For a relationship to succeed, it is important that both partners are correct and transparent to each other. You do not have to try to hide things or try to change and go for someone you are not, especially if you plan to stay with that person, because you will end up being unmasked.
Moreover, men prefer women who assume and accept themselves as they are, without having to change to satisfy them.


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