The 20 signs of attraction of a man for a woman

If there is one thing that men find it hard to hide, it is their attraction to a woman. They are rarely discreet in this area. The expression on their faces and their body language are rather obvious signs. If you know what to look for, you’re going to have no trouble finding out if your crush is s exually attracted to you.

There are several reasons that may cause you to want to know how to distinguish these signs. First, you want to be sure that he is not only attracted to you for your physique; then you want to avoid being rejected if you decide to take the first step.

Why is s exual attraction essential in a relationship?

Some people will tell you that s exual attraction is not important (!) However, it is a vital aspect for a healthy and functional relationship. And genetics have something to do with it. When looking for a partner, the alchemy of our body starts.

We look at his body structure, his voice, and his physical qualities. Unconsciously, we look for these signs in order to know if we can have healthy and strong children with this person.

The attraction of a man to a woman

Fortunately, for us women, it is not difficult to see if a man will go further. Spot the signs of a man’s attraction to a woman can be easy, once you know what to look for:

1. He looks at you

If he can’t help looking at you from head to toe, as if he’s trying to spot every detail of your body, he’s definitely attracted to you!

2. He keeps his mouth open

It’s something that women do too. Unconsciously, when you are attracted to someone, you tend to open your mouth as if you were waiting for something to happen. If you see that he is speechless, he is addicted!

3. He is physically close to you

Another thing you do unconsciously: you get physically close to someone you find attractive. This has a scientific explanation: when we have spotted someone who corresponds to us, our body comes closer to this person, by instinct, in order to allow us to feel its pheromones. This gives us the opportunity to check if the chemistry between us exists.

4. He sits with his legs apart

Without doing it on purpose, a man who thinks about physical intercourse will sit with his legs wide open. It’s his way of showing what he has to offer! If you see him doing this, he clearly thinks you’re s exy.

5. He touches you

What is the sign of attraction of a man for a woman? Touch comes first, of course! A man who thinks you are s exy will find any excuse to touch you: “Here, you have an eyelash on your cheek!”. Does this sound familiar?

6. He blushes

When we are excited, our heart beats faster and our blood pressure therefore increases. The physical sign of this is when our cheeks are blushing. If he does that, he can no longer hide his s exual attraction for you.

7. He looks you straight in the eye

When you speak, it fixes you directly in the eye. it’s his way of making contact, attracting your attention and showing interest.

8. He flirts outrageously

When a man is attracted to you, he will not go there by four paths (unless he is very shy): he will flirt with you. In this way, he wants to show you that he wants you.

9. He speaks in a deep voice

Literally. A man who finds a woman attractive will subconsciously speak more masculine. He will lower the tone of his voice to prove his virility to you.

10. He does his hair

Women and men are equal at this point. When we want a person, we tend to re-dress, adjust our clothes or put our glasses back on because we want to appear in our best light.

11. He’s on the move

You make him nervous! To be sure to get your attention, he will often fall back into place and make sure he behaves properly so that you find him attractive.

12. He smiles a lot

When a man thinks a woman is attractive, he can’t help but smile. By doing this, he tries to attract him because the smile acts like a magnet on human beings.

13. He fixes certain parts of your body

He looks steadily at your chest, buttocks and lips. These body parts represent the fantasy for any man attracted to you. He thinks of everything he wants to do to you and finds it difficult to hide his attraction to you.

14. He is constantly facing you

In this way, he has a better view of your body but it also proves that he is fully involved in the conversation. It seeks to show you that you are important and interesting.

15. His pupils are wide

Either you are in a very dark place or he is very attracted to you. The dilation of the pupils is a reaction created by the brain when a woman pleases a man.

16. He raises his eyebrows

If you like him and if he likes what he sees, he will raise his eyebrows as soon as he lays eyes on you. In this way, it seeks to show you its interest.

17. He breathes deeply

As soon as he laid eyes on you, he needed to take a deep breath. It’s an unconscious way to swell your torso and look more male. The sign of a man’s attraction to a woman is his desire to look his best.

18. He puts his hands on his hips

It is a typical sign of power. It tries to take up more space in order to establish its position and its domination. He wants to show his physical superiority and, therefore, appear attractive. It means you liked him very much.

19. He plays with his glass

He does not know what to do with his nervousness: he is attracted to you but tries to hide it. To avoid talking too much and to scare you, he plays with his glass to calm himself down.

20. You feel it

A man’s attraction to a woman is like a spark. It will light up as soon as your eyes meet and you cannot help but notice it. You cannot hide the s exual tension between you.

The signs of attraction of a man for a woman are rather explicit but you must know how to recognize them. If you want to know what he thinks of you or if you are looking to take the first step and therefore want to feel the situation, focus on his gesture.

S exual attraction is different from the emotional attraction. If you want to be sure to please a man, look for the signs listed above. Good luck!



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