The 20 health problems that you can cure by making love

No, it’s not a legend. The University of Wilkes, Pennsylvania, has done a very serious study showing that Making love at least two or three times a week is good for your health. This releases an antibody, the immunoglobulin, which strengthens the body’s defenses, preventing certain diseases and infections. Here is the list:

1 – Making love prevents prostate cancer.

Ejaculating at least 5 times a week keeps the prospect of developing prostate cancer, according to several studies.

2 – Love making is a sport.

Love making is an excellent physical activity. It makes your heart system work, keeping it in shape. Plus, it makes all your muscles work. Think that in half an hour of sexual activity, you burn 200 calories! This is equivalent to a diet, much more pleasant.

3 – It clears headaches.

The excuse of migraine is a very bad excuse. Indeed, Love making has the power to remove headaches by releasing a hormone, oxytocin, which allows the body to relax.

4 – It’s good against depression.

Making love eliminates nervous tension. Women who make love regularly are less stressed and better in their skin. Indeed, Making love releases serotonin, a natural antidepressant.

5 – It helps to stay young.

Scottish psychologist David Weeks conducted a study of 3,500 people with at least three s exual intercourse a week. They looked younger than their age …

6 – Love making is good for morale.

Making love is a healthy activity that involves giving pleasure to another person and receiving it. It is also a moment when one gives free rein to one’s emotions.

7 -Making love makes you happy.

S exually active people are generally more optimistic and positive. This is certainly the best way to prevent depression.

8 – It promotes sleep.

It is known: men fall asleep almost immediately after intercourse. As for women, this activity relaxes them, which helps them to find sleep more easily. Goodbye insomnia, then!

9 – It’s good for the skin.

During intercourse, the body releases testosterone, a hormone that promotes healthy skin and bones. Ideal for a young and radiant skin of health.

10 – It prevents breast cancer.

According to an Australian study, breast stimulation and female orgasm cause the release of oxytocin, a hormone that protects against breast cancer.

11 – Love making promotes cardiovascular health.

Making love three times a week reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke by 50%, according to a study by the University of Belfast. This is even more true for men because another study shows that those who make love twice a week are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack as those who have only one per month. .

12 – It’s beneficial for self-esteem.

Other hormones released during the love making, pheromones, which have a great power of s exual attraction. In conclusion, the more you make love, the more attractive you are. Hence an increase in your self-esteem.

13 – It helps to keep his cool.

As we have seen, making love promotes self-confidence and self-fulfillment. This helps to cope with stressful situations with better self-control.

14 – This prevents the flu and allergies.

By making love even once a week, you increase your antibody production. This helps your body fight viruses. You also produce antihistamines, which prevents allergies, including asthma, as well as colds.

15 – You stay young longer.

During orgasm, your body releases DHEA, a hormone that strengthens the immune system and repairs tissue, helping you maintain youthful skin. In addition, DHEA promotes the production of other hormones, including estrogen, that promote cardiovascular health. Thus, love making allows you to live longer, while maintaining a youthful appearance.

16 – This prevents mental illnesses.

The absorption of sperm allows the regulation of women’s hormones, and therefore their mood. By extension, this reduces the risk of mental illness.

17 – Making love heals back pain.

Several studies indicate that stimulation of the vagina has antalgic effects. It would improve tolerance to menstrual pain, as well as arthritis and back problems.

18 – Making love avoids cavities.

It may seem far-fetched, but  sexual activity increases saliva production, which reduces the level of acidity in the mouth that causes caries. In addition, it contains an analgesic, opiorphine, which reduces pain.

19 – It reduces the effects of sickle cell disease.

This inherited disease is characterized by the alteration of hemoglobin, the protein that transports oxygen to the blood. However, during intercourse, the heart rate accelerates, which improves the speed of blood circulation, and therefore the oxygen supply.

20 – Making love makes you happy.

According to economists at the University of Warwick, England, who interviewed 16,000 people, the happiest are those who most often love. This is especially true for those with a high level of education.


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