The 16 signs that prove that your partner has lost interest in the relationship

The majority of love relationships start with love and passion, others with friendship. But sometimes, things change. Some partners may lose interest in their relationship and the person they are with, and the relationship is coming to an end. Here are 16 signs that your partner has lost interest in you.

1. He is too busy to spend time

Partners always spend time with each other, a way to show their attention and love for each other. If your partner tells you he’s too busy, it’s getting repetitive, and anything and everything, then there’s some worry.

2. He is undecided

He continues to play the game of cat and mouse and when you decide to stop the relationship definitely, he comes back for you to get back together. This shows that his feelings are not strong and genuine to you. 

3. He is the center of attention

While you ensure that your partner’s needs and desires are met, there is little or no room for you and your needs are never taken into consideration.

4. He accuses you all the time

Even when it’s not your fault, your partner blames you even for the little things of everyday life, regardless of how it degrades your relationship.

5. He treats you arrogantly

If your partner acts arrogantly using his rank, charm or strength to feel superior, it is a sure sign that he does not care enough about your feelings.

6. He is disrespectful

If your partner shows disrespect for things that matter to you, whether religious beliefs, ideals or even objects that are of value to you, you are most likely with someone who does not care about your relationship.

7. He does not support you

There is no reason to be with someone who does not support you. Support in a relationship is what water is to plants. So, if your partner is never moral, social, financial or personal support, it is a major sign that he has stopped being interested in you.

8. He treats you as a stranger

If you’ve been together long enough and have not met your parents yet or know very little about your personal life, this is a sign that it does not give you enough importance.

9. He does not give you enough value

If your partner makes you think that you can not say anything or do it right, and he constantly criticizes you, he does not really like you.

10. His excuses do not mean anything

“Sorry” is just a word that only makes sense through gestures and behaviors that really show it. If your partner keeps telling you every time he’s sorry without really trying to keep his mistakes, it shows he does not take your relationship seriously.

11. He tries to change you

You stop feeling yourself when you are with your partner, you must always act and think according to him. If your partner cares about you, he will never try to change you, in fact, he will do the opposite, so that you can enjoy a healthy relationship.

12. S ex without love

You know when your partner literally stops worrying about the relationship when he only pays attention to the physical aspect of sex, with no attention to real feelings or affection in your relationship. 

13. He starts to cheat you

Loyalty is only part of the story when you care deeply about your partner, otherwise, you can easily deceive him. If your partner really wants a serious relationship with you, he will never go wrong.

14. No effort to protect you

Sometimes, all you need to protect someone is to be with him, help him find his place in life when he feels lost and give him a glimmer of hope. If your partner shows no interest in what you are going through and is not interested in protecting you, then the relationship no longer interests you.

15. He often makes you cry 

Your partner often hurts you and makes you cry, and he does not even come to make sure you are well. Such carelessness is a sign of total disinterest.

16. He does not want to engage

If your partner is afraid to engage in a relationship with you, then his or her interest and feelings for you are not strong enough to project you into a lasting relationship.


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