The 12 signs that prove you are the best wife on the planet!

Once the marriage is over, you have to continue to maintain your relationship so that the feelings of love last. So, to know if your wedding is doing well and to remind your husband that you are fantastic, here are the 12 signs that prove you are the best wife on Earth!

The 12 signs that prove you are the best wife on the planet

  1. You rejoice for his success  

Whether he’s getting a promotion at work, completing his triathlon training, or just learning how to cook, you’re always there to support him and congratulate him. Indeed, when your husband is keen on accomplishing something, you are just as happy and you cherish his projects as much as yours, this is a sign that you are an exceptional wife.

  1. You watch his favorite movie 

Although you’ve seen it a million times when you do not like crazy action movies and it’s still not funny, you keep watching this movie with your husband because you know he love it and it’s his favorite.

  1. Your husband is your priority

In your life, the most important person is your husband. You put it in number 1 and you make sure that your career and your hobbies do not pass before him. You even put his needs before those of your family and friends.

  1. You make the difference

The fact that your husband is your priority, does not mean that it is your one and only priority. You know how to do things and you are able to operate autonomously, although the presence of your spouse is your favorite.

  1. You cook your favorite dish 

While you’re no good at cooking or your favorite dish is not your favorite recipe, you continue to cook what you like (even if you fail miserably) to show that you know his tastes and that you are attentive

  1. You know how to make him laugh 

You are simply the best wife in the world because you know exactly what sentence or joke is going to make him laugh and how to make him smile thanks to a simple look. You are really accomplices!

  1. You keep his secrets

Your husband trusts you and you are his best confidante because he knows that you keep his secrets. He knows very well that you never repeat what he tells you, neither to his friends, nor to his family and even less to yours. He shares with you his most intimate thoughts.

  1. You like his friends (and they like you)

You know the importance of friends in your husband’s life and you accept it. Besides, you are grateful to have these people in your life to balance it and you do not mind if you want to take time to be with them. And, if her friends like you, it’s a sign that you’re the best wife in the world!

  1. You let him do things for you

Yes, you’ve already built a tree house by yourself at the age of 10 and you love DIY but you let your spouse build the furniture you just bought. Indeed, husbands need to feel useful and manly.

  1. You leave him sweet words

With a word written with a lipstick on the mirror, a letter in his pocket or a post-it on the fridge, the best wives make sure to let their men know that they like them. Even if you do nothing more than spontaneously send a text message to remind your spouse that you love him, you can be sure that you are one of the best wives on the planet.

  1. You do not harass him

Of course, you would like your spouse to be at his best and store his dirty stuff but you recognize that you are not his mother. Instead, you work as a team and help each other. You know very well that harassing him about his mistakes or things you want him to do will not help him.

  1. You appreciate the time you spend with him

When you are together, you are not concerned about your social networks or your manicure. Indeed, you cherish the time you spend together and you try to make your relationship work, whatever happens.


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