The 10 biggest mistakes couples make during love making

S ex is a wonderful way to communicate with your partner and live a moment of ecstasy enjoying the sensuality of another body. Also, maintaining sexual passion is an essential part of the process of creating a lasting and fulfilling partnership. Thus, it is necessary to consolidate sexual arousal, even in the longest of relationships. In this article, we will focus on the 10 things to avoid saying or doing during your lovemaking.

Everyone talks about orgasm and how to reach this moment of explosive enjoyment. Most people think this is the pinnacle of pleasure and the badge of merit of a sexual relationship. Yet you must know that erotic motors are not powered by orgasm but by excitement. Indeed, the sexual awakening, this state that can last a whole day or minutes is the cornerstone of the holy orgasmic gravel.

This desire is controlled by the brain and involves physical manifestations: increased blood flow into the vagina, increased lubrication, swelling of the external genitalia, increased heart rate, breathing or blood pressure.

This state of trance implies a total sensory absorption and a loss of self-consciousness to live a moment of intense sensations. So, to avoid dropping the atmosphere here are 10 things to avoid saying or doing during love:

Do not kiss your partner

Many people often forget to kiss their partner during their lovemaking. These are so focused on the pleasure of having fun that they forget that this gesture filled with tenderness and sensuality is most important. So when you make love, go easy. Give yourself time and embrace your partner languorously.

To be abrupt

Many people appreciate having an aggressive partner in bed. However, being too abrupt before the other is excited, napping one’s neck or ear from the start can be a source of pain rather than pleasure.

Focus only on the genitals

You are not unaware that the genitals are not the only erogenous parts of the human body. Indeed, the knees, wrists, back, and belly of your partner are areas that will stimulate the desire of your partner as much. Caress them gently for maximum pleasure.

Crush it with all your weight

When one is caught up in the whirlwind of passion, one tends to lose control. However, when you are above your lover, you must be careful not to crush him with all your weight to avoid choking him. A fearsome kills love!

An orgasm too early or too late

This is mainly for you gentlemen! A quick orgasm can leave your partner unsatisfied, while a relationship that lasts far too long can be annoying and cause it to lose momentum. To avoid all this, we advise you to take all your time during foreplay so that your partner reaches orgasm at the same time as you.

Do not warn your partner of an imminent orgasm

Whether during oral se x or during s ex, it is best to warn your partner when you feel that you are getting closer to the climax. It is enough to say it or even to show it by your reactions.

Act like in a p ornographic film

Many seem to think that s ex should look like a pornographic movie. However, it is nothing of the contrary! S ex is an authentic experience and you are not supposed to do things that you may regret later.

Do not react

You certainly enjoy hearing the moans of your partner but you dare not react? A small moan or the simple act of expressing your pleasure with words will encourage him and will tell him especially what you prefer during your antics.

Make love mechanically

Nothing is worse than doing the same movements again and again during intercourse. This is very annoying and takes away any sparkle of your se x life. Surprise him with new positions and show him that you are able to dominate.

Simulate an orgasm

Many women feign orgasm when the relationship gets too long. They understand then that their partner will not stop until they have enjoyed and think that the best way not to rush is to simulate. Know ladies that men end up realizing that nothing is more offensive.


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