That’s what it means to be faithful, it’s more than you think

Loyalty is considered one of the pillars of marriage. By choosing to be faithful, one protects oneself from certain marital failure, even if the passion and the excitement fade over the years. In France, 8% of French respondents consider that they have the right to be unfaithful and 2% have the freedom to have as many extramarital relationships as they wish. Thus, the notion of infidelity remains quite random.

Fidelity in a couple consists of swearing loyalty and considering her spouse as the exclusive companion, the only sexual partner for the duration of her union. 

For some, infidelity can be physical as well as moral and take on a new appearance. Thus, the very fact of thinking about another person, encouraging them to make advances or even having an intimate oral discussion with them, can be considered infidelity.

But what is it to be faithful?

Being faithful, goes beyond not to deceive his partner, to embrace the same person all his life and to invest only for her.

Being faithful involves removing all the dating applications on the internet because you have found the right person for you. Because you are happy together and you do not think to seduce another person.

Being faithful means ending any new flirtation even if the person sitting in front of you in a bar gives you a glare. This means that you must be firm and refuse any proposal that could jeopardize your relationship.

To be faithful is to keep your alliance on your finger and to let all your relations know that you are engaged and that you assume your new status.

To be faithful is to be honest and loyal to your partner and tell him all the events of your day even the most futile. Do not forget to tell him that you met your ex by chance or that someone made you advances while you were having lunch. Because this person simply deserves to know, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

To be faithful is to know all the limits that your partner has imposed and not to cross them. Certainly, the person who shares your life does not forbid you to send messages or to admire the picture of another person in social networks, nor to have friends. However, being really faithful is not to hide from your partner, the messages you send to other people, not to send sexual comments under the picture you admire and not to behave with your friend as with your partner.

To be faithful is not only to prevent another person from entering your life, but also to prevent it from grabbing your heart.

To be faithful is to feel a boundless love for the person who shares your life, a love that goes beyond your desire to be with one another. It is to realize that you have found the love of your life with whom you have decided to spend the rest of your days. It’s all about getting your union to succeed until the end. This is to avoid any compromising behavior that will jeopardize your love.


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