Tall men with petite women make the happiest marriages

Scientific studies are a major source of information. Through research into everything around our lives and through statistics and demonstrations, researchers are discovering many things. Moreover, here is a surprising study, relayed by our colleagues of the Dailymail, on the physical characteristics and the compatibility in love leading to the success of a marriage!

When we are looking for a soul mate or when we are already in a relationship, we ask ourselves several questions about the success criteria for a relationship and about dating compatibility. Should we have a similar or different personality? A culture and a close education? An identical way of life or on the contrary, should we be opposed on many aspects? Well, it would seem that the best way to have a solid relationship is to be very different in size according to a recent scientific study. Explanations.

Big man + Petite woman = happy marriage

The results of a 2016 study by economist Kitae Sohn of 7,850 Indonesians revealed that the greater the difference between men and women, the more the wife is satisfied. Thus, marriage would have a better chance of success if there is a significant difference in size, especially when the man is taller than his wife.

This preference of women for men of large size would be explained by the influence of the psychology of evolution and by stereotypes having a hard life, according to Kitae Sohn. Indeed, a woman instinctively turns to a man who seems to be able to protect her and her offspring. And in the collective unconscious, a tall man would be more protective and benevolent. Couples therapist Margellina Kerjoant also points out that these clichés are not limited to size, but also to age. Thus, a couple relationship where the woman is older than the man is less well tolerated than a relationship where the man is older.

Happy marriage, a marriage that lasts?

Note that the study also highlights that this positive effect fades over time and has completely dissipated after 18 years of marriage. According to Kitae Sohn, this would be caused by the fact that the woman gets used to the beauty of her partner and that the period of idealization fades away. Similarly, like all couples, the factors that contribute to weakening the flame are many: the lack of communication, financial problems, mood disorders and personal well-being of each partner in love. The economist Kitae Sohn has also been careful to emphasize that size is far from the only asset for the happiness of the couple and that the preferences may be different from one person to another.

In fact, it seems that men are less interested in size than women, according to a study by Rice University and the University of North Texas. Using ads posted on dating sites, researchers found that unlike women who prefer to be with men larger than them (48.9%); only 13.5% of men are looking for a woman smaller than them.

In conclusion, although size, and beauty in general, may seem important in a couple’s success, it does not guarantee its durability. That’s why it’s better to listen to your heart than your eyes!


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