Stay single until you meet this man who will never make you doubt his feelings

As difficult to admit as it may be, we are all afraid of loneliness. A single person quickly feels alone and it is often difficult to resist the temptation to throw yourself into the arms of the first comer. While this choice may seem right at the time, it is probably our loneliness that speaks. Most of the time we want so much to be in a relationship that we throw ourselves into the mouth of the wolf, responsible then for our devotees. But the ideal man will arrive faster than you can imagine, and when he comes, you will see that it was worth the wait.<>

Stay single until you meet this man who …<>
Will always hold the door for you.<>
Make sure you are walking on the inside of the sidewalk <>so that you are safe <>.<>
Will hold your hand shamelessly and kiss you in public.<>
Will bring you home and <>introduce you to his parents <>.<>
Tell your friends about you before you meet them.<>

Will give up anything for you, <>and will always be there when you need it.<>
Will tell you “Text me once home” and will stay awake until they know you are safe.<>
Will be <>presented to your father with pride <>.<>
Will not try to make you change.<>

Always answer your texts <>, no questions asked.<>
Will stand near you <>in public and kiss you on the forehead.<>
Will settle the bill for consideration and will not let you touch your wallet.<>
Will always keep its promises.<>

Will be able to recognize his mistakes and apologize.<>
Will send flowers to the office for no reason.<>
Will send you messages full of tenderness, all the time, but especially when you need it.<>

Will make<>
you want to be someone better. <>Will motivate you to accomplish more and to surpass yourself.<>

Will make you confident and <>never make you doubt his feelings <>.<>
Will be sure of you, of your career and who will wish that you are part of his future.<>
Will tell you “I love you” first, simply <>because he desperately needs you to know.<>
Will never stop doing everything to keep you by his side.<>
Always give you a reason to stay.<>

Will make you feel more beautiful than ever.<>
Will continue to give you chills <>every time you see it, and especially when you kiss it.<>
Will change your requirements which no one else can compare to now.<>

Without whom you will no longer be able to live.<>

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