Stay single until you meet a man who does these 70 things

1. Invites you to a real date and sticks to it.<>

2. Open the doors to you.<>

3. Pulls the chair out for you to sit on.<>

4. Wear your coat.<>

5. Rises when you leave dinner.<>

6. Let you order the first one.<>

7. Pay.<>

8. Walk on the sidewalk, road side.<>

9. Keep a handkerchief with you “just in case”.<>

10. Take you back to the door.<>

11. Would like to meet your father.<>

12. Introduces you to his family.<>

13. Thank you for making her spend an unforgettable time at each meeting.<>

14. Drive you and pick you up.<>

15. Introduces you to his friends.<>

16. Responds quickly to your text messages.<>

17. Support you in everything you do.<>

18. Is ready to wait before making love.<>

19. Take care of yourself when you have had too much to drink.<>

20. <>Asks how you are doing and listens to your response.<>

21. Talk about the future with confidence.<>

22. Pay for your taxi ride.<>

23. Kiss you on the forehead.<>

24. Interested in your preferences in privacy.<>

25. Get to know you and know when something is wrong.<>

26. Keep giving you the “butterflies in your stomach”.<>

27. Takes your hand when you walk.<>

28. And kiss you so that everyone can witness it.<>

29. Pushes you to be better without wanting you to change at all.<>

30. Helps you stay on track with your personal goals.<>

31. Admire your life outside of your relationship.<>

32. Don’t make yourself jealous.<>

33. Teaches you things without belittling you.<>

34. Makes you laugh to tears.<>

35. Is able to have deeply philosophical discussions.<>

36. Is able to face disputes without running away.<>

37. Respect your privacy.<>

38. Is there when you need him.<>

39. Rarely cancels and instantly catches up when required.<>

40. Introduces you to his favorite places.<>

41. For which trust and honesty are key values.<>

42. Remembers the smallest detail about what you told her.<>

43. Make sure that you send him an SMS when you get home.<>

44. <>Enjoy the moments spent with your family.<>

45. Or likes you when you sing too loud in the car those songs he doesn’t like. He does not change 4pas radio.<>

46. ​​Go back and forth just to see you.<>

47. And asks you how was your day.<>

48. Never give yourself reason to doubt his feelings towards you.<>

49. Tells you when he’s proud of you.<>

50. Love you even more in a T-shirt and tied hair.<>

51. Knows when to apologize and how to make up for it.<>

52. Makes you laugh with a simple message.<>

53. To whom you always have something to say.<>

54. Encourages you to step out of your comfort zone.<>

55. Advise you to try this restaurant. To go to this place. To read this book. To watch this movie.<>

56. And makes you grow.<>

57. Has managed to conquer your heart but keep trying.<>

58. Makes you realize why all of your other relationships have gone sour.<>

59. Touches you with such subtlety that it means a lot. – His hand on your leg under the table.<>

a hand caressing your back while you are right next to it.<>

60. Don’t care if you take all the cover.<>

61. Or you sleep on his side of the bed.<>

62. Or that your hair ends up all the time on his face when he sleeps.<>

63. Prepares you a breakfast and lets you sleep.<>

64. Is passionate about his job.<>

65. Always says yes.<>

66. Commands you to eat even when you say you are not hungry, because he knows it will please you.<>

67. Has only one word.<>

68. Is not afraid of labels and wishes to designate you as his girlfriend.<>

69. Love you anyway, even when he sees you in your worst days.<>

70. Don’t be afraid to say “I love you” first.<>

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