Souvenir box – An idea for all lovers!

The memory box: a nice idea to allow you to easily keep your romantic memories!<>
This will also allow you to recall your memories from time to time: frank fun for two and guaranteed emotions!<>

A memory box – Why?<>

When we are in a relationship (or not for that matter!) Our memories are sometimes lost in nothingness! It becomes difficult to remember your romantic vacation, some romantic dinners, or “simple” moments spent together … Similarly memories are mixed and we no longer know if this event took place before another, if such gift has been offered for such an occasion, etc …<>
So to no longer “lose” your precious memories, why not create a memory box?<>

The concept: Creation of a memory box<>

The principle is simple.<>
First you need a nice, large enough box that you can decorate as you wish.<>
Then, you just need to add the memories that you will reap over time. This can be for example:<>
– Your sweet little words exchanged<>
– Some photos<>
– Tickets for theaters, cinemas, museums<>
– Symbolic objects<>
– Birthday cards and postcards<>
– Small objects that remind you of a particular moment …<>

L Dededu14’s anecdote:<>
“When I started going out with my boyfriend, the distance separated us. I lived in Normandy and he in Paris. Each moved to the other one weekend out of two. When it was my turn to come to Paris, I took the train to visit him. On Sunday evening, on the way back, I had fun writing down everything we had done over the weekend on my train ticket. And all these tickets were religiously kept in a pretty box that I had customized. Years later, it’s always a real pleasure to rediscover for two these train tickets and these memorable days that we spent together at the start of our relationship! “<>

When to open the box and remember your memories?<>

It is best not to open it too often to avoid spoiling the “magic” effect of the box.<>
Open it for example for Valentine’s Day, for your dating anniversary or even every 5 years! This will allow you to have a good time remembering all the good memories going on together.<>
And above all don’t be tempted when you add a new item to your box to look at what is there!<>

Small advices:<>
– Do not leave your souvenir box within the reach of your children to avoid that they damage all your precious memories<>
– Do not be afraid to think big for the size of your box, because memories take a lot, many places!<>

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