Solving social problems

Social problems

Every society suffers from many social problems that affect it, including illiteracy, poverty, child labor, drug promotion, school drop-outs, etc. There are many reasons that lead to it: lack of faith, social inequality among individuals, and lack of social control and there are many characteristics that distinguish the social problem from other problems such as the sense of being by many people, and the pursuit of people to address them, and in this article we will mention how to solve many social problems.

Solutions to some social problems

violence against Woman
The majority of women, especially in Arab societies, suffer from the problem of violence. There are many solutions that can be taken to reduce this social problem, including sensitizing individuals about women’s rights and duties, and conducting seminars and courses for new couples and sensitizing them to the need to respect women.

Child labor

The problem of child labor is one of the most common problems, especially in developing countries, where children under the age of 18 are employed, and there are many factors that lead to such as: family breakdown, poor textbooks that do not care for child development, and accompany bad friends, The absence of activities that occupy the child in leisure time, and to solve this problem can be taken into account the following: Parental involvement in the upbringing and development of the child, the enactment of harsh and strict laws for children working under the legal age, and conducting seminars and awareness sessions for children, in addition to providing employment opportunities for a parent.

Early marriage

Many women, especially in developing countries, suffer from the problem of early marriage, through marriage before reaching the legal age. Concepts in Arab societies such as spinsterhood, jacket, etc. To solve this problem, there are many ways to get rid of them radically. Early marriage, and the need for equality between men and women.

The unemployment

Many graduates suffer from the problem of unemployment, and studies and research confirmed that the unemployment rate in the Arab countries is higher than in European countries, and there are many solutions to be followed to solve: the establishment of investment projects within the country so as to encourage individuals to work in them, and attention to small projects by the state, and attention As much education as possible.

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