signs that your partner does not love you and just enjoys being with you

Love described in romance novels is not always part of real life. Certainly, there are couples who live happily and in perfect harmony together but this is not the case for everyone. It can happen to each of you to live an unrequited love that causes suffering and frustration.
A non-reciprocal love hurts you, gnaws at you and you only discover it when you feel that the person who shares your life is just content to be with you by default instead of getting involved and vibrating with you in the relationship. Because you hope a little more of this person; you want her to show interest, to project herself with you and to include you in her projects.

You feel deep loneliness at this moment because you can not be in perfect harmony with the person you love. Then comes a frustration of the lack of reciprocity, your unsuccessful expectations and your desires that do not come true. The melancholy of love sets in and puts you in real affront with problems of physical and mental health.

“To love is easy, but the most difficult thing is to be loved by the one we love”

So if you want to make sure that person is completely with you, you should pay attention to some signs that are not misleading and that will tell you that the person who shares your life is not really in osmosis with you.

She does not care about your personality

This person who shares your life is not really present with you. It does not try to dig your personality to discover your true character; what you like, what you hate, what motivates you, interests you or just disgusts you. She does not try to know your tastes and desires.

You do not feel that you are forming a real couple

You seem to be a couple but you are far from being a real one. You live as companions; you share the same bed, you eat together but without sharing real complicity.

She constantly criticizes you

She criticizes you in all circumstances and questions your convictions and your opinions. She never compliments you and worse yet she does everything to change her image and transform you as she wishes.

You feel a connection with a love of the past

If you have met someone who has been in your past and has felt more connection with her than with the person who shares your life, that means there is a real problem and it’s not a good sign.

She does not want to engage with you

You feel that your relationship is not long-term and maybe crumbling from one moment to the next. The person who shares your life does not try to project with you in the future.

She underestimates you

She does not give you real importance and you feel she does not make you a priority in her life.

She does not respect your opinions

She does not listen to what you have to say or at least think that everything you argue is wrong and silly and you never have a say. You feel that you are not listened to or understood and that everything you say comes into the ears of a deaf person.

A quote from Christina Westover says: “Unrequited love is the infinite curse of a lonely heart.”

A person in love, when faced with unrequited love, is supposed to know his limits and accept reality. Certainly feeling love is not given to everyone, and it is even great happiness of life because to feel love allows you to stand out compared to others, whose heart is lifeless remains frozen forever. It is a chance to be able to love because it proves that your heart is rich in emotions and in love and that you are simply human.

However, one must not remain in lethargy with oneself and not confuse the dream with the reality of life. A one-way love puts chaos in your life and to get out of it, better mourn this relationship and move on. Crying a good shot can do you good but after that, you have to accept the situation, get rid of all the memories of the past and think or take interest in other activities while prioritizing your needs and above all else.


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